Wednesday, October 1, 2008

happy raya!

Selamat Hari Raya to all my friends!
Safe Journey & Great Family Time & Maaf Zahir Batin

am blessed to have a lot of friends who celebrate Raya- way back to primary school SRK Lutong...SMK St Joseph...Matriks in Labuan and in UKM...have a great Raya you all!!!

and dear friends thanks for leaving comments! these are replies...
  • Jasmin: hey! yes i did try the sambal with bilis (pusu!) and tempe...i couldn't believe it actually came out alright. eatable that is! do share some new recipes!
  • Meng Yee: hey thanks for dropping by! haha the lipstick is from Avon btw and i bought a matching nail polish too!

the colour is just so so pretty!

am leaving kajang to celebrate the 2 days off with my bro and sis law at their place in tropicana. therapy again! why do i call that therapy eh?, any place that i find which is comforting and soothing...a place that takes my mind off a little while from 'reality' or some sort is very therapeutic for me. secondly its family hey! nothing beats that therapy being with family. danny's place used to be where i would go for therapy...but sorry danny its not first on the list nemore =p and thanks for not coming to Ikea to have lunch with me. =pp. danny makes me laugh a lot. and he's one friend i can and will never forget. *awwwwwwwww* see danny. if ever u read this. haha.

and am really excited for another good friend of mine who has finally ended his training which i think was dreadful (i do, its so tiring!) but nevertheless training will always toughen up anyone. u feel strong now? i know u do. haha. and congratulations!!! graduation!!! make sure u get to be on Asian Food Channel. you must! presenting mr ray.

and was going through pictures...found those taken in spore last sept. went night cycling which was awesome and i think kim had it planned all the while and delene and i didnt really know about it but it was great anyhow! but my butt hurt so bad! (i tot my butt was very well insulated)

truly, can still pose even when blindfolded. miss u two girls!


Anonymous said...

anything with puteri brand is nice hehe. i only know how to cook malay food n spaghetti hehe.

that ray was from st joe too right?

aileenagan said...

yes ray was from is danny and the other 2 girls also...