Friday, September 26, 2008

hello weekend

its the cooking season. well since i got my new pan that adds on to the semangat. i love cooking. i dont really know how; the techniques and arts and all that but its always very enjoyable. cooking is next to shopping =)

so, decided to learn how to cook some new dishes. bought a pumpkin and chayote yesterday. the pumpkin looked cute. and am curious with the chayote. googled recipes; havent found a nice simple one to start with yet.

and today, anne (ex coursemate & lab neighbour) taught me how to prepare sambal. hehe. its good lesson hey, learning about cili galing (Puteri brand!). all this while only know how to eat and enjoy, so its time to learn how to prepare! not bad la for first time. oh and also tried cooking tempe, the fermented soybean cake. never had this in miri and they sell it a lot here. didnt turn out crispy as planned but

anne also kindly supplied enough movies for me to watch the entire week.

will be having some therapy at bro's place tomorrow. swimming & the osim chair.

having a delicious coffee now with the song Cruisin' blasting in my ears and thinking about the movie sex and the city that i just watched. i actually cried. cheh. ane girl.

have a nice weekend everyone! those going back to celebrate Raya have a safe trip. those on holiday enjoy your holiday. God bless always!!!

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Anonymous said...

the cili galing (puteri brand) is really nice! oh try making sambal ikan bilis with tempe. yummeh.