Wednesday, September 24, 2008

metallic expresso

*ehem* *clears throat*

i did not achieve my goal.the thing that i'm suppose to finish and start doing today. nope. didnt happen.

wait reason wan. i still have to do loads of literature review ok...and yes my progress is slow...but... this thing cannot simply do...must do properly.

anyway...i call this motivation...i went out to do some necessary shopping. ;-)

a new non-stick pan. the third one actually. left the other two in Philo. and new history needs to be created with new pan. 1st ever dish on new pan is dori fish. excellent.

some chicken breast meat, rolled oats, extra virgin olive oil (EVOO-Rachel Ray she's cool) sesame oil and rock melon. i eat a whole rock melon that weighs approx. 1kg everyday. seriously. there is this market downstairs (below the unit am staying) and they have new rock melon stocks coming in everyday. so rock! i would take a papaya or mangoes...but past few days takde la.

and and....the best purchase for today...

ultra moisture metallic rich lipstick in metallic expresso. oh man. look at the colour.
LOOK AT THE COLOUR. so so so pretty. i thank God i'm a woman and that i can enjoy all these pretty colours. so pretty. hehe.

and yes, i have a lot of semangat now. wooohoooo!!!!!!!!!!!

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yikyee83 said...

woo...think this colour suit u ;-)