Saturday, June 21, 2008

yes, i'm still alive

i dont have internet at home. =( and my laptop drowned literally i dont know how the day before i flew back to miri. and i had to pay excess bagagge RM105. blah. my dad is gonna be married in 10 hours time. the wedding is gonna be full of people with more than half of them i've never met before. i'm sooooo broke and i'm eating 24/7. but its been good u know? like being back home for the past week with random random things happening all the way is still alright. bearable. thanks to being home - the thought and physically and all that. being home just makes everything alright eh? i dont have a car to freely use either; so i'm always at home, which is not bad actually but i have aunties who take me out makan and run errands and all that...i really dont mind...but it kinda makes me feel OLD. the conversation...i'm scared u know...I'm ALMOST TALKING LIKE AN AUNTIE. ( or i am already? damn.)

met up with old school friends: jassica, lai, chin, alan, jojo, alson, pui & chai for steam boat & watched hulk last wed. great to see them again. and that amoi jassica with her batu. amoi amoi.

busy running around these days too buying and fixing and sending and preparing bits and pieces for the wedding. tired. whole lot of preparation for a 2 hours thing. hmmmph. let's just get married in Bali or Phuket hoh?

sorry this blog is such a mess. just writing whatever comes to mind. have to hurry using bro's phone which is running out of batt and i should be sleeping now.

i'll write soon. i want to. i'll try.

thanks yo. i'm alright. I'M STILL ALIVEEEEEEEEEEE ... Thank you Jesus. =)


Doulos said...

well, i think a wedding on a cruise will be good too. no need to be headached with lots of preparation.
just booked yourself for a cruise wedding, pay for it, get who ever should be there, there and move on.
on the next port of call, 'kick' them off and you two can go on for the honeymoon....

hahaha... two late for me isn't it?

aileenagan said...

hahahhaha i'm sure you had this idea some where at the back of your mind before your wedding ehhh?!!! thanks for the idea!!! i've always loved small intimate family only kind of thing. so is a good ideaa!