Sunday, July 27, 2008

sweet =)

yeah thanks hoc mun for reminding not to abandon this 'baby' blog. i've been lazy...knew this would be coming larrr...from past experience after few posts sure become lazy...but then again i dont have a proper permanent connection and to go online have to tumpang at people's place here and that wud be another good reason why i cant possibly write more regularly.

i'll be back in KL this tuesday, 29th july and grad ceremony will be on the 10th of august morning session. come!!! dengan tebalnya need to buy flowers or whatsover la need one...

that amoi delene just got back few days ago...and since we're the only ones who can bully each other at the moment we have been bullying each other past few days. good stuff. but then quite kesian also la we two. like last nite after dinner we actually sat down for what...20 minutes in the car right in front of a closing shopping centre trying to figure out who would pity us and hang out with us. i know...telling this on blog is like a second hand joke cause u wont be able to understand what we went thru but yeah, kesian la...

met natalie too last friday...still so pretty! we're all going for rojak later. yum.

and...just for your info lar...i'm much cuter now! serious! =)

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