Friday, May 30, 2008

yeay it's friday!

another week coming to an end! so fast! gasping to catch up with time. =(
not feeling pretty well lately- Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). stomach bloating. look up one of the main factors and yes, very much caused by stress. but i dont think i'm stress with work though. i guess i've been thinking too much lately. way too much for my own good. this is the downside of spending too much time alone. i love being alone. i just want to be alone. but being alone has its danger too. being alone with you yourself makes u think of ALL kinds of things.should spend time being alone with God. i haven't been alone with God for a long long long time. and i miss being alone with Him. its really hard to quiet down the soul and mind now.
m still at the office. waiting to expose the film to see protein bands. please let there be bands!
looking forward to the weekend. meeting up with good ol buddies danny & mee kiet and cuzzie mich and my sister is coming on sunday. yeah lots of meeting up with people. looking forward. looking forward.
blah. probably in post-grad crisis too now. haha. should be thankfully enjoying the completion of degreee rite??? why still so stress aileeen??? ggrrrrhhhhhhh.

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