Tuesday, May 20, 2008

yogurt on my pants

lame rite. but yeah its 6.32pm already, i'm still in lab-juz ended work about half an hour ago, not leaving right away and chilling out a while cause if i do i will be caught in the rush-hour.

am having my strawberry jam & cheese bread + yogurt - which was suppose to be for lunch and hence the title yogurt on my pants-cause it dripped from the spoon. oh can i get any lamer than that?

anyways i did some western blotting today. my skills still suck big time. the loading was alright i guess but the blotting was off. so off! didnt get the gel to blot the membrane straight. senget & cacat. apu. dont even know if there's protein there!

plated some cells today too. been long time since i last did culture work. 2mrw's gonna be another long day. another round of western blotting, part II of today's blotting and gonna treat the cells with jerangau too.

dont understand? hehe. i'll explain...next time lar. i'll sit down and compose a long essay of what i am actually doing. mean while please pray for me. that i won't go insane!

suppose to have biochem lunch 2mrw...some gathering with the head of biochemistry department in uni, Dr. Hasidah and the rest of my coursemates. dont think i can make it tho. work?

thanks pat and KC for dropping by! that was fast! i'm still a noob k so some post my not be worth reading hehe!

alright, time to get out and into the LRT.

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