Thursday, May 22, 2008

just another post

some justification. currently am attach here at IMR but not employed by them or anyone for that matter. I use the term work, cause yeah technically I am doing some ‘work’ here. somehow God always know better haha I’m not wasting time now that I’m here at IMR while waiting to go back to Miri. well I’m learning too at the same so there is nothing to lose. I’m always complaining of being tired; oh I am seriously, tired physically & emotionally but on the other end of things it’s a good opportunity for me.

had dinner last night with some of aunt’s friends and mich dearie. I miss this gal. closest cousin kua, her mum and my dad – siblings. she’s looking for an apartment...currently working with Shell…(rite I forgot where is the office) so anyone got suggestion not? somewhere near LRT station?

work is getting better. probably because I’m finally getting the whole picture and the hang of it. quite hard adapting in the first place but its good now. lots of new things to learn and I really really appreciate the people there. teach me step by step of everything. so nice!

went to work yesterday morning, was in the LRT, was late hehe woke up late due to tears before sleeping, well the LRT wasn’t packed but I had a seat. so I saw this pregnant lady coming in but it just didn’t register in my head. she was standing for I think 2 stations then the lady beside me got up, and the pregnant lady came and sit down RIGHT BESIDE ME. I felt soooooo bad. sheesssh. opposite me was the sign that says “ seats for the elderly and pregnant and disable…” so much for having that sign right in front of me. no, not the intention of being a goody goody but this incident really struck me on how courteous are we really. I felt really bad. haha.

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