Monday, May 19, 2008

Why blog now?

very good question. actually i did TRY blogging, more than 5 times. serious. but always tak jadi. write a few post then stop.

why start blog now...? hmmm. i personally think blogging is a good way to keep in touch with people. really. especially when everyone you know is all over the world. and plus the fact that u've ended uni life keeping in touch with friends wud be easier here i think. yeah having facebook & friendster makes me kepo enough about other people but blogging is different eh. u can tell stories.which is...good. and you dont have to repeat your stories 10 times to 10 different people u meet at 10 different hours. just answer them, "read my blog k?"

anyways these are recent posts from my 'other blog'. dont wanna waste what i wrote there hehe.

8 MAY 2008

...i'm done with exammsss!!! (probably) the last ever written exams in my life! how does it feel? quite numb actually. like reality hasn't sunk in yet. its coming to an end. yeap. *knock on the head* and viva next week. i never knew what viva actually meant...and according to wikipedia, viva voce means
a defense in presenting an academic thesis. so my viva is next thursday, 15th may somewhere around 10 am. scared. 5 mins presentation and 10 mins question & answer. pretty short rite. hmmm. but i do believe its gonna be MORE than 15 min. scared.

i just got back from watching Forbidden Kingdom. funny show. "Gate of no gates"? what la.

last paper was last wed, 30th april and the following day thurs 1st may till mon 5th may went on a shopping spreeeeee. quite sakai. a lot of new things. maklumlah, was in gua marrr before this. but then even during the gua period was still faithfully logging in to & hehe. its studying also ma. study what people wear

15 May 2008

just had viva this morning. it was fun? cause i couldnt really understand what the second lecturer was asking. anyway i thank God it was ok. had to get signatures from lab officer and my supervisor and pack stuff for western blot (some chemical and lab equipment) so yeah that practically took my whole day.

will be currently putting up in PJ during the weekdays at section 14. easier for me to travel to IMR using LRT & monorail from there. i'll probably come back to kajang weekends to slowly pack my stuff. cant technically pack slowly tho, i only have about 4 weekends. can't wait to go home. seriously need a break. have been working non-stop.

anyway last weekend was hmmmm i dont know how to describe.kinda shocked my system a little. literally shocked. met up with cousin mich and kenny. this is the 1st time meeting mich since she moved to KL and kenny after 2 years. great to see them both tho i was being really quiet. too tired & overwhelmed. work was getting tough and i just couldn't be myself. =( shame on me.

its samantha's birthday today! Blessed birthday! wanna go to her party 2niteee but i gottaaa workkk 2mrwww....blahhh

so what work am i doing? currently attach to Institute of Medical Research (IMR) for this one month before i go back to miri on the 12th of june. screening a local plant- jerangau, i've never seen in before either. a project almost similar to my final year project on mangosteen but i'll be using different methods tho. i'll talk abt it some other time.

weekend came back to kajang to pack. sheessh. shud see my stuff. apu. seriously can accumulate that much rubbish.

gotta go off pick cousin mich from the airport now. i will try to rajin-rajin post.


Doulos said...

hello. welcome to the blogger community...
do post more ya.
so.. jerangau in IMR now..
eh.. visit us back in church too ok?

Patt Irmina said...

hey thr! nice to see u here. found u thru ur link in facebook.
im linking u. muaxx.
pat here.