Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thursday: What's on my mind?

Absolutely loving my skincare routine now. It's so complex! Every specific problem area has its own fix. Part of growing up :)

Started using Philosophy's Purity Cleanser last night with Clarisonic - first impression wise, I really like it. Can't tell much yet but skin felt comfortable and supple after. Will only use this at night for now - part of rationing as we can't get this product here yet :(

Bought two face masks from The Face Shop few days ago (they're having sale till next month but not sure specifically when...). Most face masks are on 30% off so the two I picked were reduced to RM4.83 from RM6.90. It is quite expensive eh considering each application is ~RM5? For the fun (preferably goodness) of it! pouch that I carry around with me all the time! Nothing fancy but clear enough to remind me what I have :) xx

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