Saturday, March 24, 2012

Skincare recent additions & thoughts!

Past month has been quite exciting - added a lot of stuff into my skincare routine. 
I'm not anywhere near perfect but it's been good :)
This post is also a big shout out to Pat (visit her blog here) who lulled the first four items back all the way from US for me - including a 500ml product! Thank you! *Hugz*

Let's get started:

I tried Clinique products quite a while back - 2009 i believe and didn't find it any good. Somehow this time when i had the chance to purchase Clinique from US (they are soooo much cheaper its ridiculous compared to prices here!) i decided to take some leap of faith and purchased these two items in full size! 

1) Acne Solutions Clarifying Lotion 200ml
2) Dramatically Different Moisturizing gel 125ml (DDMG). 

I was running out of toner anyways and needed a light moisturizer for the night since Sukin broke me out. At this point, I'm not sure if I'm happy with the toner yet - it does contain alcohol and is quite 'strong'. On helping heal blemishes or prevention...not seeing any of that yet. On the other hand, i love the DDMG! Exactly what i wanted and needed in a light night moisturizer for our hot weather. My skincare routine is kinda complicated now so a light moisturizer to top it all up is perfect. Light gel texture, pleasant smell and quick absorption = yeay! 

Next - Philosophy's Purity cleanser - 473ml! I made Pat carry this all the way!!! Thank you!
This product gained so much rave over the years - and is known to work well with the Clarisonic. I just had to try! I took a huge leap of faith for this in going straight for a huge bottle - it was economically cheaper and a no brainer to a certain extent...
Preliminary verdict? This has joined the list of my utmost favourite cleanser of all time! It removes makeup well, works perfect with Clarisonic, doesn't dry out my skin and makes it even softer - yet you can feel that the skin is clean (the irony - i still have crazy breakouts!). Because of this it made me realised that Clarisonic; as expensive as it only a tool - the choice of cleanser to use with it is as important! How am i going to repurchase this once its done? I'll figure later. hopefully Philosophy reaches our shore by that time! They will be in Singapore by April though! :)  

Ahhh...familiar? I'm a YouTube junkie - this was such a hype too! Haven't found the perfect concealer for my undereye dark circles yet so why not...

Sponge tip applicator - i dab the concealer on my undereye and use my ring finger to blend - try to avoid blending with the applicator to maintain its hygiene since i'm gonna be stuck with the same sponge applicator till the product finishes. 

Swatches below - comparison with other concealers that i own...
Colour tints are significantly different between all of them!
I'd say Maybelline Age Rewind is the best performer to date. It brightens up my undereye, doesn't crease and lasts the whole day. The rest made no significant impression - struggling to use them up to be honest! Most of them dont lighten or brighten and all and even worse, creased! I have maybe about 5 more lying around but these are the ones i rotate and try to use up.
Took advantage of the recent Body Shop buy 3 get 20% off promotion and purchased these:
1) Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream 50ml
2) Seaweed Pore Perfector 15ml
3) Elderflower unperfumed eye gel 15ml

Can't really tell yet what i feel about them...but i like the eye gel very much! They do nothing to help my dark circles but they do moisturize well. 

I jumped on the "toink-toink" band wagon too although i really distaste using that word or see it anywhere now from all the blogs i've been reading talking about this cult Hada Labo product!
This is none other than the Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion - in actual fact is a toner. i bought this out of desperation for my dehydrated skin - and it was a serious contemplation between this or a hydrating face mask. i decided to go with this and boy am i happy i did. this product is really something!

Apparently the newer formulation has an even higher content of SHA but i wont be able to testify that since i never tried the older ones before. This product really helped my dehydrated skin! I read from other blogs that they only needed 2-3 drops per application and even than it takes quite a while to be absorb after all the patting...the first week i used this product? i used 5-6 drops and pat about 10 seconds the product is gone! I was like, what do they mean they need a long time to pat? and what do you mean 2-3 drops? My skin was THAT dehydrated! Its been two weeks now...and i can gladly say its down to 4 drops now for my whole skin to get soaked. 5 drops actually feels heavy! 
*This is really what works on my skin only and please do not quote and apply... 
In the spirit of being extra creative...i also apply this "lotion" on my legs after epilation. seems to be okay!
 This is after two weeks...i'm thinking 4-5months per bottle?

Thanks to the positive outcome of the lotion...and a hunt for a non-oily face sunscreen i decided to try their SHA Moisturizing UV Milk. Quite good reviews out there...will see how it performs!

Lastly...was also on a search for a pimple cream...lets just say the two i have now serves a different purpose...decided on Thursday Plantation's Tea Tree Blemish Gel after reading good reviews about it.
High hopes too & till then xx
Phew, such a long post! Looking forward to a much needed massage tomorrow!

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