Tuesday, March 6, 2012

March Beauty Wishlist!

Had this on my mind for the whole of last week and i just had to let it out. 

I still have a lot of skin concerns so most of the products listed are related to that. 

Recently i also had good runs with two products respectively from Avene & Body Shop - hence why i have quite a few items from these brands listed. 

Otherwise...i'm really a sucker for good reviews - if everyone likes it, i must try!

I'll list skin concerns first followed by what products i have in mind to try...

1. For huge pores around the nose. This problem is painful. Pores are clean but horribly huge. :(

2. For overall skin health...at this point of time, truck load of skin battle! first there's oily blemish prone skin, then huge pores, then anti-aging startup,dehydration, scarring, hyper-pigmentation...arrghh! These are things I'd love to try very very soon!

3. SPF compact - i want to experiment using powder with high SPF instead of applying a layer of SPF lotion because this gets me really oily by mid day. Plus, touch ups would be easier with compact powder and hey, that's like reapplying SPF the whole day! Two that i have in mind which will take some time to source...

Available online only :(

Lastly...something i recently rediscovered - or rather suddenly remembered. First came across this perfume some 2-3 years back while waiting to catch a flight and it left quite a big impression at that point of time and i knew i wanted to purchase this next but somehow it totally slipped off my mind until last weekend in Sephora when i saw it again and fell in love with it all over again! i think the scent is very unique - very "Lovely Lace" kinda smell in the beginning but it lingers and faints very nicely. I still have the tester strip in my bag - cant stop sniffing it!

So that's that...not that outrageous after listing them all compared to mentally thinking of them.
Easy things first - The Body Shop!

Have you tried any of the products listed? 
What's your current wishlist?


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