Sunday, March 25, 2012

Butters you can freely consume without guilt!

Revlon Lip Butters of course!

I "collected" six out of the eight colours we have on our shores; although i mentioned in a previous post that i'm not keen on some colours but behold; as usual, i caved in and i'm extremely happy i did!

The two colours that i don't have are Peach Parfait & Macaroon - both with shimmers. That, can wait. And apparently Macaroon is a UK edition colour-not available in US (like finally - something that is not available in US!)

My favourite is descending order would be (and how they appear on my lips):
1. Cherry Tart - Bright red
2. Fig Jam - Dark brown; very polished look
3. Lollipop - Bright purplish pink
4. Strawberry Shortcake - Baby pink but doesn't wash me out
5. Sugar Plum - Slightly dark plum with pink
6. Brown Sugar - Frosty light brown

I rotate Strawberry Shortcake, Sugar Plum & Brown Sugar on a daily basis as they are very wearable for work - just enough colour for the lips. My three top favs are kinda in-the-face type of colour - very pigmented - which makes them really awesome. These lip butters work really well for me and they are in fact the reason why i wear lipstick everyday now!

Slight note though - nothing bad but their 'buttery' texture does get used up pretty fast. Below picture is of Strawberry Shortcake after just one day - about three applications?! That went down really fast! And its not like i was swatching it like crazy back and forth on the lips like how many people apply lipsticks...i'm kinda dainty and careful :p Small lips - no choice! 

Thank God they are part of Revlon's permanent line. Heard Loreal has a product to match this; cant wait for that to get on our shores too!

Have a great week ahead & be blessed xx 

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