Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thoughts: Liese Bubble Hair Color for Evenly colored hair

First attempt in doing a review! I think it will be rather conversational - how i would relay to a friend my thoughts after using this product. please bear with me :)

I believe that there are things in life that as much as you can DIY, please DIY! I am very particular with services that i pay for - they must be for something that i really cant achieve on my own. Well over the years I'd give and take but the principle still remains the same. (This explains why i am a big fan of Groupon...!)

So, this applies to hair coloring too! I knowww...DIY has such a high risk of getting blotchy results but I really can't see myself departing with at least RM200 to get my hair yellow. FYI, i prefer ashy, yellow, platinum kinda colour to browns or reds. whats the point of coloring your hair if there aint no big difference?! Just me.
That said though, the last time i had my hair coloured, it was professionally done (neighborhood auntie...) and that was about 6 months ago. Black roots have dominated and really, not a big fan of ombre hair at all. 

Liese Bubble Hair Color very much intrigued me as you can color your hair without much help from other people. You can afford to this with very very minimal help; or without help at all. p/s: i had my sister help wipe some foam from my ear, thats all!

Two objectives: To colour roots & something i can DIY - literally DIY!

Let's get started!

I picked up Chiffon Beige from Watsons (~RM34). I am into yellow, trust me.

This is my hair right before the whole process. As you can tell there are black roots all over on top and already some blotchiness and uneven streaks at the bottom. i never highlighted my hair - but i'm not sure if this was also due to flash and lighting?

Content in the box. Instructions are very clear, just follow exactly. Gloves are provided. All you need is an old towel or plastic to cover your neck. One thing to note, i have mid length hair - some 3 inch over the shoulders - the amount of solution was more than enough to cover my whole hair. I had to discard something like 2/5 of the whole solution; even after applying it again and again and again!

This is how it looks like in the process - really looks like shampoo. From the picture on the left to the right, can see some colour development right?
The results:
I was really happy with the colour right after washing. It was yellow as i expected; not orange as per picture above! And it did cover all the black roots and evenly colored the whole hair altogether.

Did it achieve my objectives? Yes...but...

...after two weeks of washing every other day...my hair is looking Orange...(as per picture directly after washing) Some angle under the light it does reflect yellow but generally i think my hair is now brownish orange.

So yeah...it was fun...but i dont think the colour stayed permanently how i liked it. Then again i would do it all over again when time comes just for the fun and ease of doing it! More drastic colour next!

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