Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Revlon Lip Butter - worth the hype?

I think they do! 

A little bit of background story; recently - I've been on a roll on lipsticks! I love buying lipsticks but i hardly wear them so i've been good in not buying any for quite a while until i came across Maybelline Color Sensational in Warm Me up about a month ago - that got the ball rolling - even better, i have been attempting to wear lipstick to work everyday. 
(God forbid i have colleagues reading this...oh well bimboness needed for balanced work & life) 

Because of the lack of lipstick "experience" it prolly made me extra excited about this range...nevertheless i'm very happy about it!

Back to Revlon Lip Butter...they are all over You Tube now - every beauty guru raving non stop about how good it is. As usual, I vowed to try them whenever possible and when i saw them available in Watsons i HAD TO TRY! They retail for RM25 in Watsons Sunway Pyramid.
Impressively - i picked only one colour - well quite honestly i didnt know what other colour to pick and this was really a trial and error exercise too. I must pick something i know i will wear. Ironically, i picked the reddest of them all and fell in love immediately at first try!
*Update* I now remember why i rationally picked Cherry Tart - there was only one last new tube left for this colour and i thought well this colour must be HOT! *smacks head trying to recall the reason*

I picked Cherry Tart :) They look quite pink in the picture...but in real life they appear more red. I really really like this stuff - in terms of both colour and formula they are amazing. It makes me want to wear it 24/7 no joke. This lip butter solved the issue i have of not liking too much gloss and the dryness some lipsticks can have. Perfect combination of both.

For comparison purpose...i have Loreal Colour Riche in British Red - this colour is my utmost favourite Red lipstick ever. A whole story altogether.

Top - British Red, Bottom - Cherry Tart
They both swatch very differently although they look pretty much the same red in real life. I believe part of this is contributed by the formula itself.

I will be picking about 2-3 more colours soon and have decided to pick stronger colours again ie bright ones because my lips are quite pigmented. Otherwise, whats the point of lipsticks! Honestly i think they are great for those trying out strong bright colours for the first time too as they are build-able and soft-not-in-your-face kinda bright colour!


pattdaniel said...

so fast one u update! just finished reading ur Liese post and about to comment when i refresh ur page and saw this!

Im on a lipstick experiment now too. My current fav is Maybelline WaterShine.

But looking at the swatches for this one makes me want to try on Revlon Lip Butter too!

aileenagan said...

Lol! Got time to update, might as well update as much as possible...very delayed blogging!

Honestly this was one item i wanted you to help me get if it didnt hit our shores by the time u get back from US!

It may be cheaper there cause they have promos like buy one get the next free or 50% off...you'll have the cosmetic time of your life in US!!!