Monday, February 6, 2012

Sukin: Skincare that doesn't cost the earth

I've switched up my whole skincare routine altogether and jumped on the organic band wagon - with Sukin! Sukin in an Australian Organic skincare line that hit our shores prolly about a year ago and they are currently available in Watsons & Vitacare (as far as i know...). They have a wide range of products available here from shampoo to deodorant to aloe vera gel. I believe at this moment only their Purely Ageless line is not available in Malaysia. Read all about them here.
I first read about Sukin, specifically about Sukin's Foaming Facial Cleanser from various beauty blogs and decided to try them when i ran out of cleansers - I immediately fell in love with it. Honestly, they reminded me so much of my all time favorite, Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser which is not available here in Malaysia (sucks!). Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser left my skin clean without feeling tight and believe it or not double cleansing removes every trace of makeup. That wins a lot of brownie points! On top of that, staying true to their tagline of providing "Skincare that doesn't cost the earth", their range of products are very reasonably priced ie the most expensive item of the whole lot would be from their Purely Ageless collection ~RM75? Sukin's foaming facial cleansers are constantly on promo here where you can get two bottles only for RM36.90! Organically very affordable!

As i was also on the verge of running out of moisturizer, it was timely to begin the whole skincare routine with Sukin! Everything was purchased here in Malaysia except their Rose Hip Oil (which came with a moisturizer as free gift) and their Purely Ageless line (last two bottles on the right).

I purchased Sukin's Rose Hip Oil recently in Sydney Airport at a really good deal - AUD23 which comes with a free moisturizer! Rose Hip oil is not available here in Malaysia but the moisturiser retails for about RM34 here...

I had a friend of mine help me purchase the Purely Ageless collection a while back.
I reckon anti-aging has to be my very best friend this year :( 


Very excited to try them out! i think the amount i have can last the whole year!
Btw if you're wondering why there is no toner; Sukin only has a Hydrating Mist Toner - in a spray form that I am not a fan of. I very much prefer the typical toner application on cotton pads. I will talk about toners very soon! 
Hopefully I'll get to write good opinions on the whole range. Part of this year's resolution is to learn to write good reviews!


@nannoor said...

Hi Aileen.

I was gooling for Sukin's review and found your blog.
I'm interested to try sukin especially their moisturizer and cleanser but having a hard time knowing where to buy.
Mind sharing where did you buy yours?

Zita said...

I am also Sukin's lover. Been used it since last year. Bought it from AEON and also Watson. Never regret with the brand.