Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sudden nail polish craze - help!

I am equally puzzled - i have never been a fan of nail polishes; manicure and pedicure yes but i never bothered buying let alone have a collection. I believe one of the main reason why is because i find getting my nails nicely painted - very difficult. I get a lot of streaks. That was a major turn off - and hence resorted to paid mani+pedi (thanks Groupon and all ye coupon-ies out there!)

Things have change i must say!!! 
180 degress turn when i stumbled upon this recently in Sydney airport:
You must be thinking, so? I can't explain either! when i saw this promo - i just knew i had to buy some - sudden strong urge i tell ya. Well first i did a sanity check with my colleague to ask how much is OPI back home in Malaysia - confirming with her sister that it is about RM50-60, we immediately dug in - after conversion, each OPI is at RM40 (Ouch! Very expensive actually but my head was just screaming OPIIIIIIIIII!!!!)
We ended up getting 10 nail polishes between the both of us and i of course had to be champion of 6. Malaysian-ly terover-over; but two are base coat and top coat so doesn't count!!! (And last weekend i found out Shins was selling both base+top coat for only RM57! *Smacks head*)
Anyways...i absolutely loved two of the colours i got - Vodka & Caviar (Bright red) and Designer...De Better (Mix silver and slight rose gold pink glitters) but almost regretted on the other two :( Very expensive regret for now i hope because when i tried it on it didn't come up as expected. I hope it'll work out somehow.
They look nice in the bottle...when on my nails...no feeling of satisfaction!

Thanks to that beginning...my nail polish craze is on a good start. i only added two more since then :) They are both from Revlon - I'd have to say i am super impressed with the formula. They retail for about RM16-20 each, depending on if they are on promo and retailers but i think they are really worth it!
Left: Steel her heart (Silver Grey Metallic)
Right: Craving coral (Bright orange)
Very very happy with both this colour!
Craving coral on my nails for Chinese New Year :) Painted without base or top coat!
This is what i have on my nails right now - dark purple with slight shimmer, from Skin Food. Sorry i dont have the code/name! Painted it during a get together for my friends farewell - it was from her collection. Not a big fan of the formula but colour wise it is pretty.

One thing I'd conclude from this whirlwind is quality nail polishes ie expensive ones do make a difference in its finishes - I dare say close to salon like finishes. What made me finally enjoy nail polishes now is cause i use to buy cheaper ones before that never come out nicely on my nails. Good formulas make a lot of difference - even without base coat or top coats!
I promise you...my Revlon nail polish collection will grow...!

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