Sunday, May 1, 2011

I got a new hairdryer!

Sometimes - well most of the time i envy bloggers who are very systematic with their content - i guess most are very specialise - they talk about things they are passionate about etc...I've been telling myself i should get myself organised...start thinking of a system if i'm serious about blogging etc...well until then i'll be naming each post whatever i wantttt. this is freedom!!!

So there was a Makeover Beauty Expo recently, 22-24 April 2011 held in Midvally Exhibition Hall - i was reallly really excited - but dissapointed - nothing like a beauty expo i expected - no makeups to play with etc - lots of banks trying to get you to sign up their credit card! But, if you are searching for hair products, this is a good time to buy! They have all sorts of hair products on promo; they actually have more hair products on promo than beauty products! A friend of mine got a hair salon equivalent hair dryer last year during this expo as well - 3 units for RM100! Crazy huh! i wanted one myself - the current one i have is for travel and has only one heat setting - takes quite a long time to dry my hair and immediate hot heat can dry up my hair, badly. They had similar promo this year - but my friends and i decided to purchase from a booth that was giving out the hairdryers for 'free' when you purchase a hair mask for RM34 (i forgot the brand - so sorry!) or a Schwarzkopf Bonacure hairtherapy shampoo for RM48. A cheapo like me of course would have gone with the hair mask but - i have 3 tubs at home! So i opted for the shampoo instead =)

 I am satisfied with the hairdryer - brandless but good job - though it still has that new electrical smell everytime i use it. annoying sometimes. it has two fan speed - and cool or hot air control. But the shampoo however makes my hair itch! so sad! it does contain SLS - but probably no mercury cause its a clean cream - no visible glitters or shine in it - but unfortunately does not fit my hair =( oh well, the hairdryer was still worth it!

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