Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Delights: 20 April 2011

Show off time!!! Good to have friends who travel abroad once a while - that's how i get these items =)This is supposedly 1st batch (update from previous post)

Have only tried the Colossal Volume express (yellow) and Define-A-Lash; which comes with an eye liner + smudge sponge at the tip. As the name states - Colossal Volume is for lash volume while the Define-A-Lash is well, for definition. Sadly, both does not WOW my lashes at all - my lashes does need volume rather than definition...i think the Sasa mascara works much better. Yet to try Covergirl and Falsies. 

Also purchased a few items from Sonia Kashuk: Hidden Agenda Concealer palette, lip brush, smudge brush and retractable foundation brush. The brushes are alright; lets concentrate on the concealer.

This quad is interesting - combines 4 different concealer "elements" - two concealer shades, a neutraliser and a powder. Honestly - this was bought without reading reviews - i just found them interesting and among the best seller in Sonia Kashuk's line (thats how i decide; whatever that is best seller - jump on the bandwagon!) Upon receiving it i really had no idea how to use it - only used the lighter concealer + powder = light coverage. then i thought maybe should apply neutraliser, then concealer then powder = much better coverage but i wasn't too happy though. Even thought this palette dissapointed me much and went on to buy MORE concealers outside. Then...became a little smarter and READ REVIEWS (i just dont understand why i never did that for this palette earlier on!) ahhhh eureka! not such rocket science but - the second concealer shade; top right - which i thought was really dark hence never tried is actually salmon concealer - and the bottom neutraliser is green tint/base so it covers redness ie pimples for me. Ahhh!!! Second chance! Salmon + concealer + powder = just the right coverage. i wouldn't say its very good coverage - but its enough to keep me look naturally awake. Will i repurchase - Yes!

Next, famous British makeup cult -  Sleek eye shadow palettes and Bourjois blushes. Very conservative number of items - but good choices. it was a good thing i didnt go crazy.
 It was a tough decision between Storm and Original - decided on Storm in the end because the colours were more wearable for me. Overall, i think the hype is all worth it - they are pigmented as expected although quite serious fallouts.

 This is my go-to blush every morning. i'm sorry the colours and quality of my pics really suck - its pinkish - not red or mauve like below. i just googled for swatches and decide from there. lucky pick? yeah!

Lastly, am a sucker for free goodies - look what came with Marie Claire's Apr issue?
But...its expiring in Sept 2011! Cheh! On another note - my fav would still be the Acai berry one!

Was away for a seminar two days ago - confined in a room for talks - two days straight - has that weird after feeling like i've been away in a different country. hmm.

time to work. lots of love. xx

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