Sunday, May 1, 2011

Are you a supplement freak?

This would be an avalanche of posts!!! nolah, just a small landslide.

So do you take food/nutrition supplement? For ease of both you and me, i'm just going to be refering it as supplement.

I am not a supplement freak - i am a believer of true wholesome food - eat the real thing! i believe nutrients are most stable in their natural form and not when extracted out. So eating the real deal, the whole fruit, the original vegetable should always be the deal.

That said however, i do not despise supplements at all.i think if its good for you then take it. I have been exposed to supplements since young starting with the famous Vitamin C Chewies and Scott's cod liver oil. i know you remember this too!

And then, mum did make me take Appeton - she said i was toooo skinny. when i was still young lah.

Then mum made me take Evening Primrose Oil - this i have been taking as long as i can remember - never fail to restock. I always go back to EPO from Cosway. Honestly i've never ventured out to try other brands. i just keep going back to Cosway for this. they are relatively cheap if you buy in bulk because your get more discounts on each consecutive bottle u get ie 2nd bottle 10%, 3rd bottle 20% etc...I will normally purchase 3 bottles every one time which makes each bottle about RM22 - for 50 1000mg softgels~ one capsule everyday~2 bottles for 3 months.
Then last week in Watsons i saw Kordel's EPO on promo - 3 bottles of 100 1000mg capsules only for RM92 - thats approx RM30 per bottle ~ RM15 for 50 softgels - much cheaper than Cosway. As my stock is running low and i heard good things about Kordel's, this is a great bargain! And it came with a complimentary Eco bad designed by Beatrice Looi

Moving on, what do i currently take are:
The Chlorella is pretty given, something like Spirulina and the last bottle of Multivites is pretty normal. i decided not to take it everyday because i wanted to space it out makes my mind at ease that at least i aint overdosing, i hope!

I just added the Pearl Complex lately, purchased in Cosway also. i took this sometime ago - 30 capsules but didnt see any significant changes - well its only 30 caps. Since they were having promo on it this month, i decided to give it a try again. Look at what catches my eye, you prolly know why:
Yupe, REDUCES PIMPLES & MAINTAINS HEALTHY SKIN! 7 bottles for RM112 - as i'm taking 2 capsules a day essentially 7 bottles will only last 3 and a half months. Lets see if what it claims is true!

From Cosway website:
"The Key To Clear, Healthy Complexion
Pearl powder has been used for centuries as a beauty and health tonic. It provides amino acids, mucopolysaccharides, B-vitamins and an array of minerals which include calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, strontium, copper, selenium, silicon and titanium. It has been proven that pearl powder regulates melanin production and helps clear dark patches and lighten uneven skin tone. Chinese herbal masters regard pearl powder as an elite, premium Shen tonic, calming and soothing on the body and mind. It cools the liver, lifting well-being and energy.

Oriyen Pearl Complex uses pure, high quality hydrolysed pearl powder which is easily absorbed, acts gently to adjust Shen, the energy of vitality and awareness. It effectively reduces pimples and improves the quality of the skin.
Combines the synergistic effects of hydrolysed perarl powder with Dong Quai, Lycii, Chrysanthemum, Astragalus and Ginkgo Bibola to promote healthy, fair, clear complexion."

So what supplements are you currently hooked on? xx.


Sara said...

So, any good result after taking Pearl Complex?

Sara said...

So, any good results after taking Pearl Complex?

S' said...

yeah, I want to know the result too! is there any positive changes??

aileenagan said...

Hello! Apologies for the extremely late replies!

I've stopped taking them now and so far i dont see any difference...but i would love to try them all over again just to see if it does really work. If that makes sense...

Jessnor Hafiz Mat Jizat said...

You should look for Shaklee supplement and see the difference

seha jj said...

I tried eating this thing, and now is my third bottle. at first it work, my zits went gone for some times. but, when I change my facial wash my pimples start to shown up again. looks bad again ! it's like the supplement didn't work on me anymore. but, still eating it. just in case it could erase my acne problem for the 2nd time.