Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Delights: 5 April 2011

First of all, sorry for the lack of updates! i have been busy at work...and busy hauling...i'm just going to show off most of the stuffs purchased recently. Enjoy pictures!
Apologies too for some really bad pictures - bad lightings and all =(

as promised from previous post, i went on ahead to purchase a full size product of Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque with Amazonian White Clay (5oz/149g).i absolutely love this product and i personally think it is well worth the price of RM95 as it will last the whole year! well the calculative side of me (ahem!) figured that from the 5ml sample given earlier, it was actually enough for two applications - meaning about 2.5ml needed per application. this tub is in 5oz or 142g or 142 ml means ~57 applications = once a week for the whole year! and every application will cost about ~ RM1.67!!! Very well worth it and i'm really happy with the results of this mask!

Moving on...as promised too...US hauls! apologies again as these are actually from batch no.2. i initially wanted to post both hauls but i recently reformated my laptop - and i dont remember where i saved them pictures - and the only ones left are in my phone - and i cant find my cable - and i normally could bluetooth them over but i just cant now =( so many excuses in one sentence! anyways i got altogether 8 items and they were all from Target.com (drugstore junkie to the max!) Btw tried rotating some pictures but they're still showing up loopsided? haiyah. mafan!!!
 This is my 4th Revlon Photoready Foundation - in 004 Nude - because the other 3 is too dark! then again...004 might not be the right match either - appears too red - i'm yellow!
008 Golden Beige, 006 Medium Beige and 005 Natural Beige. I gave 005 away and hopefully 006 too but 008 somehow looks fine sometimes so i might keep that.
Initially only wanted the blush (USD6.99) but both of this came in a package together at USD10. why not?!
Tub is quite small actually; but will definitely last long.
Mousse tub is rather huge - i love the consistency; creamy, more suitable for dry skin actually (and i believe cold weather too!) but this colour is prolly almost 2-3 shades darker than my current skintone. i'll share with you how i selected the foundation colour at the end of the post =).
Highlights from Boots No7 (USD12.99) Believe it or not, much cheaper than in the UK! i bought this as its been raved as a dupe for Benefit High Beam. i'm actually not very much a fan of highlights because my skin is oily, plus i dont really know how to use also lah, but...for the sake of trying!
 Now...Neutrogena was the most exciting product that i was really looking forward to receive - as healthy skin liquid makeup in the makeupworld is sort of a dupe for Nars Sheer glow foundation (hopefully i got the name right!) unfortunately...the colour was 1-2 shades darker then my current skin tone! wat a boo boo. i havent really tried the loose powder foundation yet...but gutfeel prolly same problem but more controllable as its powder and not liquid. anyhows, i do think it has good coverage altho quite runny and it does not come with a pump so the chances of (me) pouring out too much is extremely high. However, this foundation is not matte, somewhat dewy, but IMHO is not suitable for my oily skin. i've had good experience with Neutrogena foundation in the past (forgot the name, but one for blemish prone skin) but its just a matter of finding the right colour for my skin tone (the problem, as always!)

 no pump! =( it would still be okay with a slightly smaller opening!
 also grabbed the new lipstick range from Covergirl (USD5.99) - packaging is really nice and sleek!
 together with that also Loreal Colour Riche in Fairest Nude (USD4.99)
 Top: Covergirl, Bottom: Fairest Nude
Sadly, the covergirl colour does not look good on me =(((
 Happiest purchase!!! Sigmax brushes!!! and F05 (MAC 109 equivalent) and E25 for free.
Note: Sigmax brushes are really worth it!
 i use Sonia Kashuk's synthetic flat blusher brush with this blush. fits perfectly!

Okay, so how did i select the foundation colour without seeing them in person? i came across this tool from Loreal.com: Let us match your foundation. The only foundation i had to compare within the list available was Clinique's Perfectly Real in No.12. This yielded my match for Loreal foundation to be True Match Roller in W4 Natural Beige. Clinique foundation fits my skin tone okay; not perfectly but okay so i kinda trusted it to be the right shade for me. What i did next was to try all sort of combination from the other types of foundation listed to also yield W4 Natural Beige; this was the constant i used to select my colour from the foundations purchased! Unfortunately...most of them are darker then my current skin tone =(. then again, most of them are not that suitable for my oily skin...so...its okay. (i sold Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid btw - it fit her to a T and really made her skin look good!)

Okay, hopefully no one is drowned yet. this is only the first part of many many hauls from the past month!
lots of love. xx. please feel free to comment!

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