Thursday, April 7, 2011

Delights: 7 April 2011

Good news for brush and fake eyelashes lovers: Etude House is having sales!

Happen to drop by unintentionally - was looking at their concealer and picked up one when only then the salesperson told me "Everthing is 30% off". Nothing in the shop signifies that its having sales - but only tiny stickers that appear in some locations which also not necessarily say its 30% - but 50%. I'm not complaining, but i just wasn't aware of it! Anyways upon hearing that everything is 30% off (was on loud speaker in my head) i simply rushed over to the brush corner because i've been wanting to try their brushes since i read about them on My Makeup Reviews. (Dang, what a reason to break my brush-fast! 30% off got me). Also their lashes are 50% off!

So i picked up two brushes - Dual Fibre Cheek Brush (Glow) and Multi Eye Shadow Brush. i absolutely love both of them! They are sturdy, does not shed after washing, small enough for travelling and performs really well, especially the dual fibre brush. i'd say, even better than the Sigma version i own. I tried using it with liquid foundation - very good; i'd assume it'll work well for blushes but i'm going to use it for foundation. It is prickly though; but bearable. the eye shadow brush is soft, dense but does not pick up a lot. not a biggie. i also picked up a set of false lashes - half of RM15.90? and a concealer which looked really yellow...but didnt appear yellow on me. my concealer hunt is still on =(

Decent purchases right...didnt go crazy lah.
My first falsies! Name: Secret lol.

i flew home couple of weeks ago and while in KLIA found out that The Body Shop (TBS) relocated to a new location - closer to domestic departure gate. It boasts a bigger space, brighter outlook, very inviting and neat visual merchandising. What else, i couldn't resist a short visit =)
Didn't leave empty handed and purchased 3 items:
1. Facial brush - RM12.90?
When i saw this, i envisioned a manual version of Clarisonic. Whether i was drunk or utopia-ing, the vision and hope stayed even after i tried the tester which was really prickly! somehow, i still thought that once i buy it and use it at home it will turn into a Clarisonic dupe. it didn't of course - really rough on my skin; TBS should do something to those bristles. We're not scrubing any clam shells lah.

2. Rainforest hair care range. Somewhere around RM12.90 each? They came in 60ml travel size - i'm a sucker for travel/sample size items - bought shampoo for oily hair and conditioner for coloured hair. two things close to my hair's heart =)

And then...after going through customs, came the Fragrance&Cosmetics section. sigh. Always puts a smile on my face. immediately transform into a super bimbo. Very good discipline i tell you, only picked up ONE item: 
Saw this in a magazine ad; immediately caught my attention because i dont apply a specific product with SPF every morning. i do apply foundation and powder that contains SPF; but as reported everywhere and i truly believe as well - a separate application is better. Description on the box tells me all that i want to hear =)
Applied after toner as moisturiser underneath foundation. Texture is creamy and is slightly tinted. So how is it so far? I'm not 100% liking or feeling it yet - it appears greasy on my skin, does have that sunblock feeling (it doesn't bother me tho), does have a bit of white cast and might have broke me out a bit on the first week. might, because i was not drinking my usual 2L a day, slept late, peanuts...all other blemishes contributing factor. can't pin-point although the spots appeared and the end of the day after removing make-up. maybe it is the cause right? hmm. i'll find out. it retails at RM135 in stores, RM130 duty free - off a more discounted rate for me. ada lah tu. =))) it is worth the price as not much is needed everytime - i'd say about 2 months if on a daily basis. RM2.00++ to protect your face everyday! (It sounds expensive that way but you get my point). cafe provides the coffee bean and machine in my office =)
lots of love. xxx

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