Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOW: Neutrogena Hydro Boost water gel

I've found another WOW product!!! Don't ask why the next picture is upside down...i just cant get it to load properly!!! urrgh!!! Anyway they came in a packaged box retailing at RM65.90 - but i recycled the box even before getting home - earth friendly yo!
It all started when i went for a facial last weekend (Bought this facial for RM36 - worth at RM180 from - that's a whole story of its own but i will not be talking much about it). I understood and always believed that my skin is oily - from they way it behaved, the occasional blemishes - it never fitted the dry or normal skin description. so i was caught by surprised when the beautician told me my skin was dehydrated. i recalled reading a really good article about dry skin vs dehydration in the Mar'11 edition of Style magazine but clearly i can't remember the gist of the article - such bimbo - i just knew it was good and knew i should try to source for it but yeah never did. Anyways, so the beautician not a single time mentioned about my oily skin - but she kept blabbering about how my skin is soooo dehydrated and soooo unhealthy. Gee, thanks for making my day so much better! on another note - i seriously think all facials are overpriced!!! well maybe cause i get about the same outcome all the time no matter how much i pay. then again gotta becareful with the choices. i just love the after effects of extraction - but not the process of course - so darn painful!

Ok, back to the story - the word dehydrated kept lingering in my mind - and i was thinking about the current moisturisers i have at home and also my face care routine. none of them specifically stresses on hydration - and it also came to my mind that what if the lack of hydration causes my skin to be more oily - i know there must be a science behind this - just havent come across it!

So...i stopped by Watsons; the next best thing to home lol, and just started browsing around when i came across Neutrogena. now i've read about it here and there but never paid attention because i always thought this was for people with dry skin - not me. so when i saw it, those reviews did not really ring in my head - but for some reason i decided to give it a try anyways - plus they're on promo for the gel + mousse face wash = RM65.90. Decent buy - although considered quite expensive for such impulsive, unintended, trial and error purchase! Ahh but never regretted it!

i tried this for the first time under makeup the next morning simply because i wanted to protect my 'just had facial' face both from the Clinique SPF and makeups. Sadly, i think the Clinique City Block does break me out - it is a shame if i actually needed something to protect my skin from it when it is suppose to protect my skin for that matter - seems like i'm only using it for the SPF!

So after cleansing and toning - i dab acne lotion on affected areas, apply eye cream - wait - then apply Neutrogena water gel - wait - then apply clinique city block - wait - apply undereye concealer - foundation - powder - blush, mascara, lip balm. Thats the whole morning ritual.

This water gel seriously made a lot of difference!

1. Despite the LAYERS of products - my face do not feel heavy at all after all the makeups on
2. Surprisingly, foundation was easier to blend  even with Clinique City block on top - a whole tad of difference compared with if on Clinique City block alone.
3. my face was shine free all day!!! well, accept the nose. still the nose!
4. i only had to blot away powder reapplication needed.
5. make up removal is a breeze! (i i overeacting?)
6. no breakouts looks healthy!

For now, water gel makes me happy - hopefully, my skin will be happy long time too!

Let me know your opinion if you have tried it too! xx

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