Monday, March 7, 2011

Good stuff: What can you do at 4am? & LadiesFash shoutout

its a miserable feeling when you cant sleep. its not helping when my hair itches like crazy - The Himalayas shampoo has definitely got to go! its also not helping when my hormones are testing me. hate is a strong word; but i really hate it when PMS has got so much control over me!!! God, please help me...

So much so...i accidently did some unintended shopping. sigh. and really proud to show it off. items from LadiesFashion. Service is terrific - owner Kate Low is super efficient - i believe everyone's feedback will be mainly praising her efficiency and how fast she replies to inquiries and orders. This is no marketing whatsoever; i'm just sharing (and caring!). this is good stuff!
(its coded differently in the webpage, am just generally refering to the design/colour here yeah...)
1. Leopard print - RM37 --> great for work and casual. I'm curious abt material tho.
2. Low back dress - RM29 --> 1st the exciting price & 2nd the low back. nuff said!
3. Black dress - RM49 --> a lil more expensive (i'm a cheapo really- if RM50 and above must be maxi dress price) but design and ease of wearing this is high. hopefully it'll somehow work as a workwear too!

i recently purchased this kimono style dress in white. i was really impressed with the quality of the material! its not the normal lycra - something like a mix of cotton+lycra - soft, comfortable, easy to wash and easy to wear. definitely one of my happiest purchase!

Do drop by and get yourself affordable + reasonable quality dresses! especially her maxi dresses!!!

p/s: i'm so tired, but excited at the same time. pelik tapi benar.i need to sleep! xx

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Jessica said...

4am! That's earlier than me! :)

Ladies Fash's blogshop looks great. I especially love the testimonials from her customers.