Saturday, March 5, 2011

Delights: 5 March 2011

i cant believe its March alrdy. trust me i will always be lamenting abt how fast time flies! i've been busy this week; slept like a pig today and decided i should ramble something to keep the momentum going. (lousy blogger, what momentum you talking about?!) Anyways...some pics from the last two weeks.

Promo in Tesco! Cheapest by far. I have stocks at home so i passed this.

Curious about the claim: low absorption - i just had to try. Initial view is...nothing impressive yet. Will have to try with diff type of foundations.
It is quite durable as a pouch; not filmsy.

Been wanting to try this for the longest time and only finally got to purchase them last week. its two for RM27.70 in Watsons (that was on display!); but only realised i paid RM29.90 for it when i got home; so its the normal promo price. i tried this with Biore make-up wipes in mind to compare - both has got its own pros. Biore make-up wipes is really meant to remove makeup; and for me especially heavy make-up. and thats it. it leaves my skin feeling oily and double cleansing after that is a must. Simple Facial wipes on the other hand will not remove heavy make up; only works on light makeup (light coverage foundation, tinted moisturiser - light stuff; you get the point). BUT; this is a plus plus point for me - it also cleanses my skin - or rather, exfoliates due to the texture of the wipes which is rougher than Biore. i dont know if its good for my skin because my imagination tells me that i'm exfoliating with a layer of light makeup on top - rather than if i actually remove the layer of makeup first then exfoliate properly. get what i mean? so far its been okay and i really like this cleansing wipes. I will keep both handy from now on.

I am still in search for the perfect shampoo - something for my oily, dandruff prone and coloured hair. what shampoo will give me the antidote/treatment for all the problems mentioned above?! i am inclined to try a professional product but the drugstore goddess in me screams waittttt give drugstore a chance. oh well this is last attempt; i will try a professional product if this doesn't work kays!
Finally - super excited about this because i finally found tank tops that work on me! its either too long at the bottom or too low in the front and between S/M is too fitting or too loose! This is from FOS - Damsel brand? and its two for RM19 - real bargain. i know this brand has been there for the longest time, and i did try a couple before but i didnt like it. This is probably new- as the material quality is much better and it fits really well. MNG tank tops are a staple in my wardrobe but they dont fit as well as these! yeay for new, better options!

Heads up: i will be showing off goodies from US soon!!! So excited!!!

Have a great week ahead everyone. Be blessed! xx

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