Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Delights: 23 Feb 2011

Hello everyone!!! How are you??? i've been having bad headaches past few days - could be largely due to the lack of sleep - cant sleep well. and my face hurts! around eye i had a teory that the contacts restricted bloodflow to my face. =( and at some point i thought i saw the white part of my eyes, around the iris turned yellow! =(  went to see the dr, all is right - "you just need rest and eat right, your BP is too low too!" she said. ok doc.

and then...there was a sudden urge to go to curve. very sudden i tell you. lo and behold there was hush puppies sale!!! and its funny - cause i just prayed for new shoes! God, you're humorous; and thank you! it was a quick scan - lulling heavy laptop around for shopping just kills the spirit by three quarters! (thats a good thing, wont know how many pair of shoes i might end up with otherwise~) they were all decent shoes, must be old stocks but still decent and classic cuts, even better. i got two pairs - one for work and a 4-inch heel. classic cuts, not trendy but absolute love! i love bargains =) and pictures dont do much better in real life!

RM60 only!!!


 Got this purse concentrate from Avon; just something handy and light. RM9.90. Smell is pretty decent, wont repurchase the same one tho!

 Not a good thing...but i;ve been having 100plus for lunch for the past two days =( no appetite to eat and headache.

i might just end up getting more hush puppies shoes 2mrw!!! xx.

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