Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Where is my camera cable???

Hi everyone! happy lunar new year! i had a blast - of food and friends and family! so much so that i wish i could be back in miri for good. perhaps.

staying true to being a beauty junkie, more so a drugstore beauty junkie i have a lot of things to show off. nothing spectacular...i just want to show off things i purchased!!!

but i cant find my camera cable!!!

so this post will be delayed =(

anyways, Guardian is having promo on their Carefree panty liners (80 for RM10.88) and Biore make-up remover range (actually in diff name but there's only one so wont get it wrong). I prefer the makeup wipes in 10s, smaller packet easier for travelling and it wont dry out as fast as the 48's in a container. by the time u get to the 30th piece it will probably dry out a lot (since you've opened it 30 times!) thats my sense and opinion, feel free to disagree.

Can't wait to post up pics! Take care. How was your week? xx.

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