Friday, January 28, 2011

Cookies: January is coming to an end already!

Hi everyone! i can finally claim that apart from the fact that i'm pretty lazy to blog, work actually takes away the time for me to blog. or so it seems for the past few years that i've started working. hence i aint blaming myself anymore for not blogging more often before and now too. thanks to work that is. 

And january is coming to an end already!!! too fast!!!

anyways, i'm in a show off mood today. =) nothing special really, but i just really really like this blogshop: LadiesFash! The owner Kate, brings in the most affordable maxi dresses and dresses ever!!! And the quality for the price is excellent - does not look too cheap [well for the price can't expect expensive quality also lar], no laundry issues - great for casual wear, work...above all, very affordable. For me, her choice of maxi dresses are the best so far. Shops outside will always be more expensive, up to a double more than Kate's (even after including postage). Some choices from her shop so far...
i've still got a few more hidden my closet...i know...i gotta stop buying already! too tempting sometimes. they are a few pieces that are quite hard to work with, so far only able to pull it off with one type of look - i'll work that out. at least something to call a hobby =)

Another two blogshops that i frequent are DoubleWoot and Cocktails. Their collection is impressive, at affordable prices too, and the quality of material looks expensive. BUT, their models are skinny lar...and that scares me. i always browse through thinking 'so pretty...but sure cant masuk one!". i'm not promoting for them or anything but i hope you find something nice in those blogshops!

Lastly, since i saw this for real, live - its now safely, secretly in my wish list!!! i dont wish to be materialistic, but it really is a gorgeous bag!!! its a pretty move from the usual monograms, classy and simple at the same time. love!  
Ok enough showing off. what have u got to show off to me too???! i'm glad to read and be happy for you too, hehe! :-)
Lots of love

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