Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cookies: I am a drugstore beauty product junkie

I should really have a system in writing, putting them all in some order of title, topics etc.guess i'll just figure that out later along the way. the internet at home was not working the whole day till now - and i just watched The Social Network, one movie checked off the Grammy's list. was okay. 6/10.

have not been on optimum health level since wed - went to see the dr again this afternoon to get some antibiotics and something for the headache. Thank God fever was mild and on-off, but the headache is...irritating. its like half way - slows down work but not too bad/serious either. just, irritating headache.

ok, just wanted to post up some pics of stuff i recently purchased - normal stuff, just for blogging sake =)

Good ol' Nivea Creme. gotta admit i bought it for the packaging! its very thin and light, easier to lul around. also found it better as a hand cream; absorbs quite fast (to my surprise being rather thick in consistency) and i dont get that oily feeling when i wash my hands. i get that from lotions but not this cream.

Recently had my hair coloured as well; much cheaper back in my hometown compared to KL! the same time last year i had it permed so this year is to colour it in an outrageous colour!!! really, i cant tell if its brown or orange or yellow. a combination of all of that! also, i've started to iron my hair on a daily basis - not really a pro in blow drying yet so the flat iron helps. Due to that i've been searching for a heat protector (if only i can get the ever so famous Tresemme one!!!) and came across the new product from Cosway: Phyto Natural Hair Essence Water. It smells nice...yet to know if it works well! Retails about RM24. Then to add up to RM30 to get one coupon i just simply purchased this soap: Black Mud Soap ~ RM9. have seen this in Cosway since ages...must be something to still be on sale for a long time. we'll see.

Has a lock; good for travel.

Mandatory Guardian stop made me purchased these: Carefree 80's (thick) are on promo now at RM10.88 so i stocked up 2 sets. A day does not go by without one! they came with this cute little tin container - enough to store about 3-4 pieces. easy storage to take with you everywhere! 

One for pantyliners, the other for sanitary pad.
Yes, i love tin packaging!
Guardian also had promo for Biore Make up remover range, buy more than RM20 get a small pouch for free. with or without the promo i will purchase these anyway: the 10's Biore Cleansing oil in cotton wipes. they work well, packaging is great for travel - good product. i went ahead to buy 4, got the free pouch. each retails at RM5.88 - almost equivalent to buying the 48's but i find the 10's more convinient.

Okay, thats about it for now. till the next junk update! take care. have a great week ahead. xx

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