Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Delights: 16 Feb 2011

Nuba laya, you are always on my mind...

From Female Mag (Late 2010 forgot which edition) - LOVE!!!

New shampoo...for new hair! But i'm having oily hair days. not cool.

I love this stuff! why was it only discovered last week?! After cleansing, before moisturiser. btw, i skip toner.

Best thing for sore throat actually - totally forgot about getting this last week.

Going thru this book for the second time - worth your read!

See, cant tell - yellow orange or brown???

Summoned last weekend! @#%^&%^&^

From - funny!

Bought this aeons ago especially for the stencil; but still dont know how to shape eyebrow pun!!! anyways am currently using the brown for my eyebrows to suit hair colour. hmm. eyebrows still too dark tho.

Have a good week ahead! xx.

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