Thursday, January 13, 2011

Tea story

Would you like a cup of tea?

Apple tea from Turkey
Taste of apple and tea tho not so much of the apple...perhaps more of the fragrance only.

Fav green tea =))) i like how its really GREEN when you just poured hot water!

Powder green tea, purchased from Cosway. this is quite okay, a little hard to dilute tho it can be mixed with both hot or cold water, made me run to pee more often tho! 

Not a fav...but i'll still finish it up. dont fancy the thistle taste.

This is my current fav!!! 2-3 cups a day =))) it has that distinct taste of green...and an end taste like grass! haha thats really weird taste but i really like it!

I love coffee a bit too much. and i've always been fine with tea but decided to incorporate it into my diet on a daily basis in the hope of reducing my coffee intake. i alternate it between green tea and black tea, or having both a day without sugar. sometimes i cheat with brown sugar =) so far i'm still at a cup of coffee a day, maybe two on weekends - hope to reduce to none on weekends...or 4-5 times a week. article below was a good motivation (i think it was from an old copy of Cleo maybe?). So what's your tea story? xx 

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