Saturday, January 15, 2011

Good stuff: Baby napkins as face cloths

on one of my virtual rounds in Boots, i came across this product: Soap and glory the fab pore hot cloth cleanser due do its high ratings. now this is not going to be about this product at all, but what comes with the product, a muslin cloth!

i found this really interesting because muslin cloth is exactly what is used as baby napkins aka lampin. then again silly me found out a lot of things are made out of muslin-lah...

anyways, i thought hey, this simple lampin can be used to wash face - as an exfoliator and a sub for face towels. in no time i went out and purchased some - from Pureen and Ikea. 
12 pieces can last more than a week without washing - i took out only 6 pieces tho - just enough to rotate for a week.
Ikea's muslin cloth are just lovely! Patterns are exciting!

What i found really great about muslin cloths are that its 100% cotton, no big issue for laundry and it dries really fast. As my towel rack is in my bathroom (its airy) somehow my hand towels to wipe my face after washing does not dry fast enough - and muslin cloths dries really fast.

When compared between Pureen's and Ikea's muslin cloth, Ikea's is about 2-3 times thicker. For exfoliating purpose, i use Pureen. Its lighter and less harsh on the skin. As of now, i use Ikea's to dry my hair! Muslin cloth absorbs water so well, as fast as it dries up too!

Muslin cloth texture - hence good for exfoliation =)
Ikea's a bit thicker and compact.
Normally, i would divide the napkin into two like this and use one side to exfoliation (wet) and keep the other half dry to wipe my face after. then i'll rinse the whole napkin, ready for use in the morning! This is good stuff! What have you found out lately? xx

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