Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Great Finds: Sam Fong Powder and Papaya Soap

Disclaimer: i choose to believe i am somewhat intellectual (hehe!), then again being bimbotic (thats what i call myself!) is...therapeutic. its stress-free and what better reason to apply both the art and science of beauty. that said tho, i do not do chick-lit. 

so before going back to miri for the holidays i came across www.makeupgeek.com and found out about Palladio Rice Powder.
When i saw the graphic on the cover, i was so so so sure i've seen it somewhere long time ago, when i was still a kid! i was really determined to find out the version i remembered it in and yes I did manage to find it! But, i dont think it is the same product though - still, not afraid to try =)

its the Sam Fong Powder used by women aeooons agooo. my baby sitter used this to pluck her white hair; yeah i dont know why and how this powder helps either. anyway out of curiosity i bought a box to experiment with. super cheap at RM1.70 - dont have to feel any sense of regret - then again i was really surprised i didnt feel skeptical about trying it on my face! what if i broke out really bad?  and guess what i've been using it everyday!

the white powder like of it can be intimidating, but it settles well even on my light foundation and my skin still remains the same colour. just a few sweep will do and thats enough to keep my skin matte all day long. i really like this little cheap find!
The box packaging however nostalgic/old skool it may be is not very convenient so i transferred it to a baby's powder container (the one that comes with a fluff!). it will do fine in any container actually - but i got caught in the fluff, hence. i dust it lightly over my foundation in the morning with a blush brush/powder brush - as seen in the pictures are the EcoTools brushes that i use for this purpose. ready to go!

On another note, i came across this papaya soap that i tried years ago after a senior of mine recommended it - at that time she got really fair suddenly, well maybe not sudden suddenly but her fairness and the smoothness of her skin was noticeable. even my mum was curious to know what she was using. so she bought a bar of this soap for us. i dont remember getting any results back then - but i'm willing to try it again just for fun! i've been using it for a week now...and so far The pros: doesn't feel like soap. u know how using soap leaves that film like feeling on the skin? this soap doesn't. i wouldn't say my skin is much smoother after a week but then its not drying either. so thats good! the only downside of it would be the smell, not entirely pleasant. it doesn't linger tho so i have no complains.

overall, i'm happy with my good inexpensive finds over the hols! i hope u found smthg cool to share too!

Lots of love.

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