Friday, January 7, 2011

Quarter century old!

Dont get me started on new year resolutions; i always have one, indeed i'm really good in dreaming and planning one out but completely fail in implementing it. sigh. i cant even remember what my resolutions were for 2010. this year is going to be extra special for a lot of reasons (i'm saying that full of faith for good things to come, amen!) also, i finally feel its time to grow 'old'. in a good mature way. its no joke, i drive to work in the morning thinking wow i'm going to be 25 this year! its scary ~ whoever can identify that owh u know wht i mean!

this year i would like to keep things sweet and simple - not too ambitious, not too hectic, not too monotonous either - somewhat well balanced. i've been going through a lot emotionally lately; it really took a toll out of me and its affecting my thoughts and plans this year to want to quiet down more often and let God restore my soul a little bit more than usual. with that said, i'd like to concentrate more on chillaxing, lounging type of activity. i was thinking of structuring my plans into big buckets for easier implementation...but i'm really sleepy now and i still wanna make sure i post this up tonight so its just going to be in point forms. even better for the eyes! 

1. Learn how to pluck & shape eyebrows
Yes! I frequent Bangsar's RM8-10 eyebrow threading; but driving all the way there and searching for parking is a sore. Close friends would know i've mentioned this many many times about wanting to learn how to shape em so now is the time. this is the year to pick up the skill and perfect them!

2. Read, read, read!
this is a sad true story; but i'm so ashamed of myself - i've read less that 5 books for 2010! i'm pretty sure thats the figure! nuff said. even the english is getting worse. 

3. Finish using all beauty products
This is an ongoing issue since land before time. a beauty junkie since young (who/where did i pick it up from is a mystery cause mum wasn't much herself). 2010 was not too bad, i was more controlled (sort of!) then again i would love to improve greatly in this area - to have high consumption rate of all my beauty products. currently, items that i've ever finish using are my facewash and mascaras. like seriously. well apart from the usual shampoos, conditioners, body scrubs etc. i love trying out new products...but when it doesn't work i hoard them. should be giving them away. how i wish i could have my own little circle of friends who are as crazy as i am abt beauty junks - then we'll just share/swap around beauty products! save cost and environment!!! 

4. Blog more often
Yeah...a revamp soonish? =)

5. Buy classic, lasting stuff instead of just 'trendy' stuff.
I am a sucker for all kinds of trends. i see mags too much, visit too often - i get influenced too easily.i always end up buying stuff i hardly wear; buying just for the sake of having such trend at hand. by the time i actually finally wear em, its out of trend. padan muka! this i got to work a little bit more, in understanding what clothes fit build a proper style/look that works for me regardless of current trend. i will allow myself to buy trendy stuff only if they're on sale! i will be ready to invest in better quality items, yes - i am still very cheap, stingy, budget hunter - but buy wisely according to need & durability.

6. cook at home more often
dietician wannabe...should be cooking own meals!

7. take more pictures
looking at my nieces and nephews recently reminded me again of how fast time flies. cant rewind time but thank God for memories, so i must take more pictures and if possible videos too!

8. bible reading plan
i've signed up for a one-year bible reading plan. =)

9. spend wisely, save money, tithe faithfully

10. moisturise face and body religiously
hehe. yes, not so discipline in this area yet!

okay, thats about it. simple it is. thanks for reading and pls stay tune for more ramblings! God bless. xx

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