Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good stuff: Beauty management

Can't figure something better as title...this post is just about some things i pick up and eventually became a habit. It might be a habit for you too actually!
(in no necessary order)

1.Product labeling. 
No idea why i chose green - pick white lah!
I came across this idea some time ago in 2009 while browsing Vivawoman and immediately followed suit till today. 

I will mark the date or month (if i cant remember exact date) of when i start using that particular product. this helps a lot for a person like me who can't seem to stop buying beauty products! It helps me to:
  • Keep watch on product validity from date opened
  • Monitor usage - too fast, too slow, also i would know if i'm moisturizing enough or not...
  • Product inventory - like when i'm labeling the 5th bottle of lotion, the guilt comes easily =)
  • Speed-meter reminder for "USE ME UP PRONTO"
  • Save money in some ways from things mentioned above
2. Silica gel from vitamin bottles into brush box.
This idea is not new definitely, can't remember where i read about it and it can be applied in a lot of ways ie: my bro has these same silica gel in his camera bag etc.
Due to the nature of how i keep my brushes, silica gel would be something important. There was no issue before, but it soothes as a precautionary measure.

Got this box from Ikea. Amount of compartments needed can be customized. i kept it at three; one for clean brushes, dirty brushes and misc on top. from the picture yes its a mess now :-)))

3. Vaseline feet and elbow treatment
This is nothing new either but prolly stemmed out from a totally diff reason from everyone else. when sleeping, no matter in a air-conditioned room or fan, my feet gets really cold! i have to put on socks. On a different occasion i saw my cousin putting on vaseline on her hands before sleeping then put on hand gloves. i thought hmm i should do that on my feet since i'm using socks everynight anyway! Eventually that habit started and moved on to the elbows and sometimes for my knees too. am more religious for the feet tho, elbow and knees will often get left out (i'm just lazy actually!)
Use a clean spatula to scoop out product. Tub is deep! 
I'm using cotton socks - aircraft socks more accurately which is loose and airy, so i'm imagining the product will stick more to my feet than the socks.

i have no pictures to show how 'pretty' my feet are; i dont think its that pretty too but this treatment definitely helped a lot in smoothing out my skin. wearing cover up footwear and heels does nasty things to my feet like cuts, bumps, patches of uneven skin this does help a lot. so far no cracked heel too (forbid!)

4. Lip balm attack before sleeping
This is something really common but it amazes me on how good it really works! it has become a must ritual before sleeping for me to apply lots of lip balm before sleeping and it the morning wallaaaa wake up to beautiful smooth lips! love love love!!! I will use the Vaseline Lip Essence Advanced for this and sometimes just switch to Nivea Essential Care. Both are thick in consistency, suitable as night treatment.   

Talking about lip balms...i really wish i could just stick to three at max - one for night, day time and one with spf. then again having 5 is not too bad right.

My fav of all would be Burt's Bees Acai Berry Lip Balm(middle with purple cap).The normal one is not too bad, but the Acai Berry lipbalm is amazing stuff - i seriously think this product is the one that helped the most and perhaps made the night treatment work better.i havent had dry lips for a long long time! Also, i prefer to put this on as psychologically i think its more natural, and its safe to be eaten - cause i will definitely ingest some while drinking/eating right!!! Next i would like to explore how i can carry EVOO around as lip balm, i'm serious! (again, credits to Vivawoman for the idea =))))

Least fav would be Carmex - i know how some ppl swear by this product...but the only reason its not my fav is due to the smell and chemical taste! plus it stains my cup too. sorry carmex!

5. Tissue container
Next habit is just due to how anal i can be but i'm sure you know how carrying pocket tissue in your bag can be a mess! plus, its unhygienic as the fastener will not work as well after opened so the tissue is just swaying by all the other stuff in my bag!!! yucks. so my pocket tissue has its own little box/home - just a simple container from Ikea again. There must be other prettier, swankier boxes out there...but i'm happy with mine.

Basically thats about it...i'm back to work although its a public holiday today. Have a great weekend everyone. whats your favourite one habit? xx 

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