Sunday, November 9, 2008

would you wear these trends?

a lot of close friends would know the association between and and, me. found this 2 websites way back during high school and ever since i've never failed to browse through everyday. daily dosage, up to more than 5 times a day that is. i have reasons ya.

i dont need to buy magazines anymore. i still do occasionally when i really have no choice (haha), mostly when it looks tempting, and much better than newspaper. plus, i dont particularly read all those articles. and those articles make huge portions of them mags. Instyle hardcopy is expensive (RM18) so why not just browse it online? Hardcopy has more info yes, but i personally dont think is a big loss.

it is therapeutic. releases stress. hobby kind of thing. something enjoyable.

these websites are updated on a daily basis; except weekends. so u get new daily shots of celebrities everyday!

now 'studying' what celebrities wear has its own
catch. of course i believe with all my heart you never let a garment wear you, dont be a fashion victim, dont let trends drown you and all that...but i think its okay to always see what celebs are wearing. Because, one: celebs are always in line with whats in, and whats out. they get to go to fashion shows premiering what will be hot for the season next year! thats like a year in advance! two: celebs always have their own stylist. and what they wear, most of the time will be selected and screened by their stylist. celebs of course will still get to inject their own style and that is what fashion is all about. you learn about the trends; then put it all out sealed with your own personal style.

i enjoy fashion, i do, i'm a girl! but i am lazy; t-shirt and jeans would always work fine. dressing up would still always be a thrill and exciting, tho i sure dont think everyone would agree with what i'm wearing.

anyways, has this column 'Would you wear these
trends?' showing off celebs with the latest looks and it has a poll, on whether YOU would wear those trends too. i came across these trends of ripped jeans and lace dresses.

Ripped Jeans 4 Nov, 2008 Would You Wear These Trends?

Dont really buy into ripped jeans though they do look cool and casual but this is what happened to my favourite pair of jeans last August.

i am sad. very sad. it has sentimental value this jeans. so its coincidence?

Lace Dresses 4 Nov & 31 Oct 2008 Black Lace Dress

i personally love this one. feminine and romantic. on dresses or kebaya or baju kurung is all good. plus, lace is and always will bring that sexy charm.

i found that cheongsam dress for only RM20 last May.wore it for dad's wedding reception here in KL in August. Black lace with pink satin underneath. DISCLAIMER: not the best angle for the person wearing but focus is on the dress ok.

this is bragging, call me cheap skate but i get euphoric when this happens. things happen, bargain finds, then it appears on too much of eh?

price should never cloud our judgements (haha, advice from a once compulsive buyer who buys without trying and stores clothes for years without ever touching them). certain garments yes, find good quality ones, otherwise what suits you and makes you comfortable should come first.

thank you. another part of my journey of 'Jack of all trades, master of none'.


Anonymous said...

aileen, whr did u get tht RM 20 cheongsam??? been looking for one! =)

aileenagan said...

hey pat! haha...this shop MNA- so far i know they have a branch in Midvalley & Times Square. i got this cheongsam in Times Square. yeah it was a good find. bought other dresses and skirts for RM10 and RM20 too. heheh.