Tuesday, November 18, 2008

more ramblings.

Friday, woke up with a text from Jun asking if she could borrow my camera and mascara for her dance. i said okay, but i need to charge the batteries first.

Saturday morning headed down (or up i dont know) to hartamas to meet up with cousin mich and shaleen and aunt runa for breakfast: yong tau foo at segambut. had toothache ya. quick chew then swallow. didnt really enjoy tho the food was nice. oh and the rojak too. nice. then we went to one u, and then dinner at OK restaurant (TTDI) with my bro & his friend and sina anne.

i had a lot of options that night, or actually they were arguing who should take me home. hmmm.

sina anne: come stay with me tonight.
aunt runa: u sleep with us tonight okay?
abi: u can come over too.

so how brown cow? (Mich, 2008) of course they had to convince me by offering something. Haha. then mich replied, i have House. new season u havent watch. okay. thats it. the deciding factor. i am going to mich's place!

and i did. but didnt watch House. went to bed instead. its getting better already. my sleeping disorder is no more! sleep early no later than 11pm then i'll wake up 7am. so good.

Sunday, had breakfast and nice good auntie chat with aunt Runa. then lunch. always about food rite? when relatives come visit always, must, must, involve food. then met Juanita, Pris, Cherie, Lina and Ben at KL central. we went to Sentul then taxi to KLPac to watch crazy little thing called love. ITS SO GOOD. so simple yet so true and real and meaningful. so good. i could almost identify with most of the acts. pretty scary at first but then that shows how melancholic i am i think. and of course there's always shedding of tears with aileen. always.

then rite, i knew why Jun had to borrow my mascara. cause its not waterproof and it would smudge when i cried while watching crazy little thing called love. that wont be cool. God always knows better!

thats the long story that should be titled: now i know why Jun had to borrow my mascara. tehehe.

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