Sunday, November 9, 2008

save the cheerleader, save the world!

as free as i am i havent been updating; well there's nothing much to update neways looking at how days went by with me only on heroes marathon. literally its like sleep, heroes, eat, coffee, nap, heroes, sleep, eat...seriously. i'm entering season 3 yeah. i cant say i really liked it but it does make me wanna continue watching. House would still be top of the list; Dr. House is so brilliant! (His lines are). am following ANTM cycle 11 too and Elina's elimination was clearly expected. She is beautiful and i can't believe she's only 18! but she is beautiful. hope marjorie is next. tehee. her nerves thing gets on my nerves too bah!

november should be an exciting month because i get to know what is going to happen next. i applied to do Msc in Nutrition by coursework in UKM Bangi; not the health science one, more to food science and when i went in to see the coordinator to discuss my case (its sort of like changing field?) she didn't look to keen. but she asked to try anyways. so the confirmation should be out somewhere now. at the same time thanks to my uncertainty and undecisiveness- i applied for jobs too. just random sending in resumes on jobstreet. and then, i got called for an interview with a company many of u are very familiar with but once mentioned; will identify their employees with only 2 types of job. got u thinking eh? hehe. good. keep it that way. am not gonna say anything tho i think some of you would already know (thats cause i told u lar). its a totally different field; something i've never thought of doing; or actually something i never thought i could do. funny, they accepted me. i dont know the exact position, they just told me i got it. so i got a job! a job...with no exact position yet. scary...

so what's going to happen next? i dont know too. i want to try out this job. i think its an oppurtunity, like getting to taste 2 different world- of science and business. i have a thought that agreeing to this job would help me find what i really want to do. if i dont like it i'll go back to school. and get that postgraduate diploma in dietetics instead. not this course that i applied. post grad crisis this is.

I believe God is always for me, and He would give me the peace to decide. all i can do is to trust Him, and lean not on my own understanding, and He will make my paths straight.

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