Friday, November 21, 2008

thanks a million!

weeee!!! i had loads of fun yesterday. well actually the whole week was great! thanks everyone for the well wishes really sweet of everyone. streams of smses and calls and facebook texts and visits thanks a lot everyone!

i had the customary birthday cake blow + cut ritual in the noon time somewhere at 2pm thanks to flora, lantong, amanda, danny, sam & jimmy. watched heroes, some grammy awards 08 on you tube then head out for dinner with jun, flora and amanda. should have called the rest so sorry was quite blur! anyways it was fun this girly outing! lots of laughter, checking out make-ups and clothes and bags and shoes. so girl! i had a great time thanks you all! had satay for dinner too and i think it was my 1st time eating duck satay.
not bad reli, not bad at all. went to Shakers for supper too; another customary thing of fellow hentian kajang-ians. thanks mei fung, ying see, hoc mun, charis and adris =))) more laughters!

ahhh...i dont have pictures of whatever happened the whole day... but i do have pictures of damages done to my bank account! still pretty okay...but i've just been spending too much the whole week! so blessed! haha!

first of was jun's sister's birthday on the 19th and she wanted to get her some make-up we went to Watsons (Your personal store!). there's something evil about watsons...once you enter; thou will never ever ever come out empty handed. anyone and everyone who goes in!!!

so we saw this really nice markwins make up palette buy one free one RM12.90 for 12 colours eye shadow. cheap and okay lar; make-up for fun! then theres this another bigger make
up palette with 19 e.s plus 2 blushers and 4 lip colour. thats 19.90. now being the occasional bimbo i had to say i assumed that was also on the same promotion of buy 1 free one. clearly stated there no promotion actually but my brain was not reading. so jun took them to the cashier; she punched 39.80...and the other is not i paid...and accidentally got a set too. just for fun!

then we hang around jusco...i like jusco...thats where the auntie in me is unleashed kau-kau. u can find nice descent stuff there really. they have cheap leggings like RM10 only; and i got one to wear to sleep. hehe, yes, i wear leggings to sleep. i prefer em to loose boxers; its either leggings or boy shorts or box short. tighter than boxers haha. they also had a lingerie promotion with mountains and trays of colourful lingerie. it was a pretty site but i got kinda dizzy walking around there looking left and right. was looking for seamless undies and thankfully they had nice ones. but not nice colours tho. no nude ones. visible panty line (VPL) is the one biggest mistake any woman can make! dont have to wear thongs or G's...just get those seamless type will do!!!

then we made our way to the other shops...vincci...seed...padini...see see see...touch touch touch...try try try...comment comment comment...the other girls bought some...i left without purchasing anything...which is normal unless they're on sales...and i was told sales will start 28th Nov!!! so hurrayyy to throwing out more moneyyy...

last but not least we went into thefaceshop and body shop. hmmm i just realised that their position next to each other is so ngam; after the face shop is the body shop.

face shop has nice nail polish...other than that i never tried any other stuff. body
shop always has nice we went in and look see touch smell feel again. i got myself bath gloves. nice christmas colour!

i've been using body shop's bath gloves for years and i just love it. i use this every other day alternating it with the normal ball like one...

i prefer those gloves to body scrubs; feels cleaner hehe. body shop's lasts longer too compared to others that i've tried.

thank God there wasn't anywhere else to go otherwise more cash will spill we went to shakers. i had a great time with you all! thank you so much from the bottom of my heart and i really appreciate your time spent with me! God bless u always!!!


lynnx01 said...

I love Jusco too! Their stuffs are not bad.. prices also reasonable.

mann said...

best girls nite out i ever have