Tuesday, November 25, 2008

busy. but lazy.

its always like that right? say, you were attending a one week camp. towards the end of the camp thats when you make good friends and have so much fun; towards the end of the camp. next thing you know its over already. like as if...good things happen only towards the end of something. the other thing is when you're busy then you're really, really busy. everything seem to happen at the same time. when you're free and bored and utterly useless then there's nothing to do.

i'll be moving again. i feel so bad cause i troubled a lot of people moving from PJ to Kajang here and then within 5 months i'll be moving out again. nomadic! and its tiring...i have so much stuff! arrrgghh its frustrating that i have so much stuff but i cant seem to part with any. all got use one...

so its spring cleaning again- the wardrobe, the books...giving away lots of stuff and selling some textbooks too. will post the titles soon =)

birthday celebration kinda extended over the weekend and i had a great time with my bro & sis law. i did massive shopping it freaked me out! wayyy to much...and its not even the sales season yet! scary. scary.scary...

its gonna be a busy week packing...and meeting up friends...before flying back to miri next tuesday 2nd dec. will be back in miri for a month- till 3rd jan. will be back in KL for work which is starting on the 5th. yes, i got offered a job...and i'm taking it! so whats going to happen to studying? hmmm...on hold at the moment. permanently or not; not sure. we'll see how this job goes. honestly quite tired of studying; the exams especially. we'll see how... i am both nervous and excited at the same time. dont know what to expect out of this job. definitely looking forward tho.

mind's a mess too; all euphoric and lazy and slumber. trying to take one day at a time. struggling to keep my eyes fixed and focused on Jesus. trying to clear feelings and emotions and memories and setting them at right places. where they should be. can we do that? set our feelings and emotions at right places?
i'll try.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations on your new job. =)
which company? and where are you moving again this time?

have a nice holiday in miri. =)