Friday, February 17, 2012

Thoughts: Avon True Color Blush

Now I am not associated with Avon in any way whatsoever but I've known Avon practically my whole life. They do carry very decent products and hey, since they're still a surviving company for more than 20 years...there must be something good about their products.

As of now, I've only tried their makeup, lingerie and jewellery range - I must say their makeup line is worth to check out. IMHO, their lingerie and jewellery however is pretty normal; nothing much to shout about. 

An Avon product that i am really excited about is their True Color Blush - of which i just purchased another color yesterday to complete the collection. (well there are only 3 colors in the whole collection to begin with :-)) 
Price? About RM17-20 each (only!) Price differs depending on campaigns and promos.

 Black plastic casing - considered quite huge and it is bulky!
 There is a lot of product - 6.23g! It'll take years...
 Lasts all day? Absolutely true.
These are all the colours available in Avon Malaysia. 

 Cool Plum - As the name suggests, this is a mauve-pinkish blush. I do think it looks really pink in the pan at first glance and swatches more pink...
 Rose Lustre - this is the strongest shade of all three - quite a deep red and the trickiest to apply. It looks harmless in the pan really!
 Peach - this is my favourite! i have been reaching out for this colour almost everyday for the past 4 months. It looks peachy in the pan, pinky-peach like that but it also does swatch more pink in real life...

Swatches below in different lighting...really wanted to reflect the colour as true as possible!

These blushes are really soft, highly pigmented and is long lasting. No regrets at all!
I do find Rose Lustre still hard to wear but it just takes practice right? I wore this colour during my last holiday and i think it is a nice colour for the cold weather :)

Anyone had fun with these blushes too? Let me know! xx

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