Friday, December 23, 2011

Travel Hauls - Nov 2011

Had the chance to be in Italy and UK again last November for two weeks. Thank God for both the trip and, shopping hauls were minimal this time round. Great achievement. A few reasons why...Because i always bring back tons of cosmetic/beauty products - and chances are end up really liking them - its hard to repurchase. honestly, i think people around me are quite tired of getting requests from me to buy this and that when they are outstation...and i am also tired of doing so. Well...unless the price difference is extremely huge...then perhaps i'll remain thick-faced. Secondly, i am in the effort of streamlining and finishing whatever products i have now.

So here are pics!
So proud everything actually fits into this!
Tresemme Heat Defense and Salon Sleek (Straightening Spray)! So excited to find these and got them at an absolutely good price - each bottle (the 300ml and 250ml) retails at about 4.99 pounds but they had a promo for 2 Tresemme products for 6 pounds. Steal! i forgot how much the travel size one cost... First impression, i prefer the Heat Defense to Salon Sleek because my hair is softer with Heat Defense. But i've not used them both long enough to judge fairly.

Well i had to pick up some cleansing wipes for those lazy days. Simple had so many choices, but i ended up with the Spotless Skin range. i also picked up a face scrub from this range and i absolutely love it! its the best face scrub i have ever tried both in terms of texture and result. But its not available here! (All the items in the picture above retail at 2-3 pounds) 

Loreal's Gentle Make-up remover was an impulse purchase that i regret. Hardly removed any makeup off my eyes, let alone my face. too gentle? too light? bleh.

i also went on to purchase a second Sleek makeup palette, the Original one. I'm not so much an eye shadow person so having both the Original and Storm was more than enough. They both have very wearable, easy, simple colours just nice for everyday look and even good enough for night makeup. They are two repeats in both palette - can you guess which one?

Lastly, this was the only thing purchased in Italy, Rome to be exact.
(such discipline i tell ya!) and i actually purchased it out of necessity - my hair was all frizzy in the cold weather! I left them to air dry most of the time with just some light blow drying in the beginning - they turn out dry and frizzy. So this product was a saving grace some sort - i wouldn't say it straightens really well altogether...but to a certain extent they do tame the frizz a little. It smells good too. Downside tho, the texture might be too oily for our weather as it is pretty much an oil base.

Out of everything, the only product i didnt like was Loreal's Gentle Makeup remover for Eyes. Very happy with the rest and i'm glad drugstore haul was so well contained this time!

Till then, Blessed Christmas everyone! xx

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