Friday, August 19, 2011

in honour of my Sarawakian roots

hi all! am back in my hometown for a bit. short R&R, hanging out with family - what's cooler than that?

anyways, in view of my love for prints, tribal prints are not excused. and what better way to promote tribal prints from where i come from? Sarawakian tribal prints! Extra emphasis, of course, on Orang Ulu prints (i'm a kelabit yo!)

i was really really impressed with the selection of tribal prints available now and they come in all sorts of fabric; from cotton to silk. i'm so sorry that i have no pictures to show at the moment. i promise i will capture some before i leave for KL again.
When looking at those fabrics, i am truly convinced that Sarawak has only tapped a minute amount if its potential. if only! we have so much to celebrate and share (bearing in mind proper preservation of course). if i could, i would love to make our Sarawak tribal prints world known.
in that spirit, i purchased two different fabrics with different designs and tailored them into a pencil skirt and a shift dress respectively. the choice of a pencil skirt and shift dress besides for work can be worn on a casual basis or formal occasion. i can't wait! due to Raya season, it will take the tailor more than 3 weeks to complete it. excited :-)

(Left: Softer material for pencil skirt. Right: Sarong-like, sturdier material for knee length shift dress)
 Can't wait to see the outcome. We'll figure out what next from there! xx

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