Sunday, July 31, 2011

Delights: 30 July 2011

Hi everyone! Went shopping today and came across some really good bargain on two beauty products!

Firstly, dropped by EtudeHouse on a look-see mission as they're on sale. Got sold for this BB magic balm - only RM20! and it comes with a mini foundation brush. Besides the obvious ridiculously cheap price, what sold me was the salesperson herself - her skin was flawless and claims that she is using exactly the same product. Oh and she did mention that this BB Balm adjusts to one's skin tone based on their body temperature. hence "magic" Purchased! Just read a review and they do claim this product is a winner on color matching but is horrible at oil control. oh dear. that can be my biggest nightmare. nevertheless, very excited to try this tomorrow morning - if i really like it trust me i am going to get some more!!!

 i love EtudeHouse brushes - super excited that this came with a free brush too!


Secondly, i've been using Loreal's UV Perfect Mat Sunscreen for the past two months - almost every single day - and gladly i'm due for a new bottle! yeay! For the price, i think one bottle/tube for 2 - 2.5 months is alright. i got the Mat for about RM32++ and found Caring Pharmacy selling the newer version of it for only RM29! Hurry!!! well actually Caring is selling all of the different versions at RM29!!! (The SPF 50+++ to even out complexion and anti dullness or the Mat or the new Icy one). sorry i can be hopeless at trying to be specific at times. Here, picture will help! New one on the left.

Had this after dinner - pretty decent and cheap, RM30 - but i think the end taste is not...complete? just my opinion. very easy & light tho.

Love this colour - a gift.
 Have a great week ahead everyone! God bless xx.

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