Wednesday, July 6, 2011

i love prints, i'm a budget hunter and i just got back from Bali!

title sums it all, chronologically of what i'm about to write too!
i absolutely love prints.
especially animal prints! its my key branding - my friends remember me whenever they come across animal prints. i'm just going to show off some stuffs i recently purchase - totally happy with everything i got.
Top three dresses are all from LadiesFash. Most left is an ankle length maxi dress. Super comfy material. its not cotton, but prolly a mix of cotton and lycra. Next two dresses hav slight circle skirt, below the knee, great for work and looks polished under blazers. they're all priced at RM37 or RM38!

Now next three dresses rock my socks! they're all in the same cutting, just in diff colour and design. totally in love with them - impressed with the material and i just had to get more than one cause its not easy to find something that you like and looks good on you. plus, i can wear them to work so its justifiable to purchase more than one right?! Guess where i bought them? Jusco! From the brand Creme. RM59 each. skirt is more of a pencil cut and are all well above the knee. sometimes i have to keep pulling them down when i walk or when i stand up after sitting. not that cool but the love of the cutting overwrites that. :-) 

Close up look at the patterns for dresses above. Houndstooth pattern is back in trend yo! (Left picture, mid pattern).

I also stumbled upon this bag at 70% off from the brand Marie Claire (available in Bata) = RM24!!! Perfect for my beach holiday! few pics are snapshots of what i wore in Bali. lol! Show off!!! 

This is what i wore on the plane - just a loose long top over leggings and a handy scarf. p/s: its in a purple leopard print! and btw i like to think that i travel light - just a duffle bag and the RM24 bag lah!!!
On the second day, a jumpsuit with green and red beads accessories.
Third day, maxi dress (from FOS, also RM24!) + a stack of light gold bangles (pasar malam, smthg like RM10?) Visited Tanah Lot..knew would take gazillion pictures, had to be dressier! and i love love love maxi dresses. if i could wear them everyday i would!
lol. i'm proud of my RM24 bag!
 Final day: flying back to KUL - had to wear something more decent as i was travelling back on concessional travel. bought this top in Sukawati Market - RM5 @ 15,000 Rupiahs. i love the colour. and oh, the previous day saw some angmoh guys also wearing the same top but in diff colour. then again, this top is sold almost everywhere in Bali! Trusty old leggings. i just prefer them over shorts. find it more comfy!

dropped by Empire Subang after work to order something and found out that Tangs was having some Vior sale. there i found this really cute shoes!

I was really contemplating if i should get it coz its somewhat similar to what i already have below...

 But they both look different and the top one is definitely dressier than the bottom one. how much? RM40 :-) not too bad.

I'm a happy gal but thats it! no more shopping for this month!!!
lots of love and God bless xxx.

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APPUUUUU~~~~~ (ok, u know i'll always use dis, cos it sounds cool dan ada effect punya)

mau pengsan tgk, so many things... shop... but goodness tidak sampai 'drop'