Saturday, June 18, 2011

Delights: 18 June 2011

What is better to do then update your rusty blog on a Saturday afternoon when you cant nap?!
I'm not sure this will make up for the long absence but i hope all of you are doing great out there :-)

Recently added two items from Loreal into my cleansing and makeup routine - Gentle Cleansing Milk (GCM) and UV Perfect Mat SPF30 (for normal to oily skin). With GCM, i just lather it directly over my makeup and lightly massage. I found making my face wet prior does not allow the cleansing milk to work properly - it works better when applied directly to the face without water. After that, then i rinse it off with water and apply a gentle cleansing gel (Eucerin), rinse off then a final cleansing step with a foaming cleanser (Loreal Hydrafresh). Ahh...this whole cleansing step can be a whole blogpost altogther - next one perhaps?
Although i am entirely happy with the SPF50 i apply every morning - i do find it a little too much for daily usage - unless i have to commute for meetings in the afternoon which then exposes me to afternoon sun. otherwise, SPF50 is quite high since my cute butt is almost always rested in a super cold office. I decided to give Loreal's UV Perfect Mat SPF30 a try; two convincing statement on the bottle won me -1. SPF30 +++, 2. For normal to oily skin. A little over two weeks of usage - i will definitely repurchase again! there is no running away from the oily effect albeit a little less compared to SPF50 - but not a biggie thanks to foundation + powder.

Next two items are shower related - Olay Body Wash plus body butter ribbons (jojoba butter) and Dove intense repair hair mask. I have no idea what body butter ribbons are but my first impression of this was - a shower gel + lotion? just exactly what i needed because i'm not a lotion religious. it will only last the first week of a new lotion purchase...then i'll get lazy. hehe. so shower gel + lotion is the greatest solution!
my verdict? i think it does work a little that way...smells nice and does leave a slight residue on the skin after shower. havent notice any big difference but i like it. Retails at RM16.90 and so far only saw them at Jaya Grocer instead of Guardian and Watsons.

Dove intense repair mask? Definitely the best drugstore hair mask i've ever tried. i dont have to use any leave-in hair conditioner or serum - this mask leaves my hair really soft..and fluffy. (i have clouds in my mind. fluffy!)

The other two mask i currently have...and trying to use up as much as possible...i like Dove much better! They're not bad, just...normal?

This is my favourite sunscreen - used this in Redang last year and this new one would be for Bali in two weeks!

Had to try this new product from Maybelline - Hyper Sharp Eyeliner. Watsons having promo for this, RM23.80 + 400 bonus points!
Tip is super fine - picture below compares it to Revlon which looks more like a marker. 
Performance wise, i think its somewhat similar to Revlon; although i find Revlon's a little easier to control.
I am super looking forward to the upcoming short break in Bali in two weeks time - not so much of wanting to be in Bali but same time last year, i've already had two short breaks! Mount KK and Redang. So a break is really really in need!
to compensate that i have the next half year to plan for perhaps two more holiday breaks. cant wait! God bless xxx

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