Saturday, May 21, 2011

Online fashion blogshops: the good and the not-so-good

Hi! I am still very much alive, Hallelujah! As usual - caught up with work; hunting for a new place to stay, hunting for new options & oppurtunities...etc etc.

I love online shopping. Items are cheaper and the experience is all within the comfort of my own home, it is quick, easy and not to mention - thrilling; when the post arrives that is. I purchase cosmetics, makeup brushes and clothes online. Books, shoes are yet to be added to the list.

As many of you may be aware of, there are a lot of blogshops selling pre-ordered Korean/Japanese clothes - heavily promoted especially on FB. Prices can go as low as RM20 for anything - top, dresses, cardigan etc. i am pretty much loyal to LadiesFash - for the price, quality & cut - very worth it but those pre-ordered items are just so tempting! Thanks to all the models - all the clothes look so good - even up to the list of must haves. I generally ignore those blogshops at first...because i have a perception that the clothes will only fit skinny girls and are ahlien in nature - and i cant carry harajuku at all;also, i saw some purchases of my friend that looks really different in real compared to the pictures - i should have known better then; but once i start to browse one album...its safe to say some items may change your mind. Being curious of course i had to pick up some items. For trial. Price is not bad at yeah. So lets see the choices:
And the real deal...
I was speechless when i saw the items. even after telling myself not to put high expectations on them based on looking at what my friends got from their purchase...i was still greatly shocked. Not only is the colour off - the length and cut...speechless. Anyhows, gotta work with what we have regardless. Thats $$$ yo!
Second and third top from the left had horrible workmanship:

There is absolutely nothing wrong with purchasing these items...but conclusion from my experience:
  1. Do not have high expectations - 50% less than what the pictures tell
  2. Be ready to improvise where necessary!
  3. Always, always be mindful of the measurements. To get the dress just well above my knee cap or slightly longer it will be about 90cm? and most of the dresses sold in these type of blogshops are about 80-ish cm. they look like dresses on the models but will be just a long top on me!
  4. Always have a few ways in mind on how to wear/style the clothing item before purchasing. This will give a better success rate of each item ie if Style 1 does not work...hopefully Style 2 may work!
Have fun shopping and i hope there are no dissapointments! xx


Jessica said...

You are right. Most of the time the real items and those you see in the pictures can have a lot of differences simply because those pictures are taken by professionals and heavily edited. This is especially true if the pictures are supplied by the suppliers (from China especially).

It would be best to buy from online blogs who use local models and whose pictures look more realistic (without too much of touch-ups). You can find some of them in my website... One which I highly recommend is

Check them out and happy shopping online!

beaty said...

huh..tht y i'm not fond to shop online again..he h he