Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Delights: 4 May 2011 - Avon & Loreal Haul

I'm stressed out =( A lot of blabbling to follow.
But i have some interesting hauls =) yeay!

So i dropped by Avon today hoping to get the blush 'Mauved' under the Smooth Minerals collection - too bad there is still no stock. Now Avon has different promos every two weeks, and each promo will last for a month. so you will always have two overlapping promos at one time. I'm no Avon seller, but i've been exposed to this brand since young and I think their products are not bad at all. they are hits and misses; but IMHO they have less misses than Cosway! I support Cosway only for their supplements and household products =)

Picked up three items:
1. Ideal White premakeup base SPF27+++ in purple
2. Ideal oil control pressed powder in Oriental
3. Simply pretty concealer stick in Almond
 It comes in both green and purple tone. i dont really have much redness so green won't be contributing at all hence the option to buy purple. Am not too yellow either; will find out if it helps. What attracts me also is the makeup base function and its SPF. Pretty decent stuff if it works!

Light purple - light texture, easy to blend, absorbs fast and no shimmer!

This is not a great picture but it was meant to show there is no shimmer...

 Again, the name of the product totally caught me. Anything with the word 'oil control' will get me.
 This picture does no justice to the actual product - it ain't that orange/red! its more yellow...dark yellow?
 Left: MUFE Velvet powder in #1 i think...much lighter then the Avon on the right. But i find the yellow tone very interesting!
 I have a weak spot for concealers..(that said, so is everything beauty related lah!!!) Decided to just give this a shot in case it mightily works! I've tried the Avon line concealer - it was drying. (this is under Simply Pretty line) 

Okay. I need a disclaimer for this! I myself am constantly amaze at the amount of beauty products I have but i actually do utilise them, really. In actual fact it is this year that i actually have a proper routine every morning and night. i have never taken my skin as serious as this. I was a junkie before still, but i never stick to a proper routine. i buy products and use them a few times and get lazy and stash them. This year there is not a day that goes by without applying anything on my face. Amazinggg.

So i've had two facials for the past two months - different locations, products and technique - but one common thing that both beautician mentioned is that my skin is dehydrated. Including the BA in Lancome who did some short skin analysis - 3 beauty advisors told me my skin is dehydrated. it puzzled me initially because i grew up with a mindset that my skin is oily - how can it be dehydrated? Thanks to Uncle Google and the wealth of information out there - Oily skin is my skin type but dehydrated is my skin condition.   This could be due to a lot of factors ie internally - but i drink more than 2L of water a i'm convince its due to external reasons. i do double cleansing at night as i wear makeup everyday (some days lighter makeup of course) and probably the Simple Light Hydrating Lotion i use everynight is perhaps too light (precisely why i like it in the first place!) All the 3 BA's adviced to get hydrating masks (surprisingly none of them promoted their own product!) I've never had good experience with Loreal skin care products actually but the Hydrafresh Water Plumping Mask was too attractive. Guardian is also currently having sale...hence the two other products on the left and right!
This purchase is totally justifiable - facewash and night lotion going to finish alrdy! All three products purchased during this sale RM60+ only...not too bad!!!
Some may question what about Neutrogena Hydro Boost? As much as it is a WOW product for me, i dont quite like to use it at night because in the morning when i wash my face, there is this film like residue on my face. I dont have this problem when i use Simple Light Hydrating Lotion. I apply Hydro Boost in the morning and Simple at night. When Simple is done, i'll switch to this Loreal and let you know how it goes.

I feel much better - but still stressed! =(
Lots of love and God bless.


Aida Hazlan said...

I'm using the hyrafresh range :) it works on my skin !

aileenagan said...

Hi Aida, thanks for dropping by =) good that it works on you. they're not bad at all. i really like the mask the most, followed by the gel. the cleanser...sik brapa lah for me hehe.

Nicole said...

So does the pre-makeup base work? I've been meaning to buy one, but I'm wondering if it'll give my skin a chalky appearance since I'm already using Precious Minerals All Day Strong BB Cream in the lightest shade (I bought it 'cause they only offered two and the other shade was a bit too dark for me). Then again there is another pre-makeup base in Avon, and that's Ideal Shade Tinted Makeup Base and it comes in Mint and Pink Pearl. So, two questions -- does the Ideal White Makeup base work and what is the difference between the two? Thanks so much in advance! :D