Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 Dec 2010: Why i've not been blogging

Hello...if there is actually still anyone reading this miserable blog. there are a lot of excuses for not updating; and i should really share this:

i blog-hop everyday; and i definitely love blogs with loads of picturesss. a picture does tell a thousand words. what intimidates me is that those pictures are always tagged with the blogsite address. for example:

and as nooby as i am, i dont know how to do that; yes, i dont know how to tag a picture with the blogsite address. what i did for the picture above is tedious, not funny - something like going all the way into power point and inserting the text box, and saving and...
you get the picture. is this the only way??? it takes such a long time! and that is only one picture! so due to that i've been making excuses, hence not blogging cause all i want to do is share pictures!!! but everyone is tagging and i dont know how to tag and if i dont tag and upload then how??? what will happen to me? exactly, on top of all that fear of uncertainty, i still am not sure what will happen to me if i dont tag the pictures. the moral of the story is, i will not tag my pictures from now on. because, i think its ok not to tag. :-) what a relief! LOL.

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