Tuesday, December 7, 2010

7 Dec 2010: Its December already???

A friend asked during dinner tonight, "So, what's your plan for 2011?"

Just as i am about to sit down and ponder and think about life now, its another new year already. i've been on this job for two years! so much for wanting to go back to school...will i actually ever do that? i dont know. anyway, as part of a reminiscence exercise for today, these are the highlights for this year.

Jan - snow for the first time in London!

Feb - visit to air traffic control tower KLIA.
I dont have a better pic to show that i was there!

April - Mount Kinabalu and White water rafting

May - wonderful Redang break

Aug - UK hols!



Balmoral, Edinburgh

Fife, Scotland

Sept - Perth

Oct - Alor Setar, Kedah
Nov - 24th!
Was it a wonderful year? it sure is. i have to be grateful. none of this could have happen. God's amazing grace. how's next year going to be? definitely better!

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